5 Healthy Recipes Easily Prepared At Home

It is really important for us that we take extra care of ourselves and our health so healthy eating is one step further to promote a healthy lifestyle. From a few simple and easy ingredients we can make healthy and nutritious recipes, here are some easy and delicious recipes that you could try at home

  1. Oats idli  –This is an amazing steamed recipe to make this, Take 1 cup of roasted oats and then grind them to make flour, grate some carrots, chop chilies, chop coriander you can also add roasted chana dal and urad dal along with curd and steam the batter to get light and delicious idlis. Great for those who love south Indian. Oats are rich in minerals, vitamins, and proteins giving this dish a high nutritive value without compromising on the taste.
  1. Paneer tikka –The power of protein and great taste with Indian spices makes this mouthwatering dish healthy as it is loaded with nutrients such as calcium, protein, vitamins. To make this mix curd, all the spices like turmeric, red chili powder, black pepper powder, salt in a bowl then add in the paneer cubes, capsicum squares, and onion squares coat the mixture with masala quite well. Heat a grill pan and add olive oil and cook till golden brown.


  1. Quinoa khichdi –Quinoa is rich in protein, fiber, and lot of vitamins and minerals here is a quick recipe with an Indian twist to make this recipe, In a pan add quinoa and water and let it cook for some time. In another pan, heat olive oil and add crushed coriander seeds, chopped red chili, cumin powder, red chili powder, turmeric Stir fry for 4-5 minutes. Stir the quinoa with a ladle and add it to the pan, add salt and mix to combine everything and add cilantro on top and enjoy.
  1. Ragi ladoo – Here is a sweet that is nutritious as well as the core ingredient ragi which is rich in calcium, fiber making it a perfect snack. To make this tasty treat take 1 tsp ghee in a pan and roast ragi flour in it till there is an aroma of ragi along with that in a separate pan add dry roast few almonds grind them then in a mixing bowl take roasted ragi flour with roasted almond flour, Cardamom Powder, coconut flakes then add jaggery powder to this mixture when still warm make the balls out of the mixture add little ghee if needed.
  1. Vegetable salad – Salad is one of the most nutritious recipes that can give you lots of nutrients depending on their ingredients, and the best part is salads are customized as well you can toss any vegetables that you like (e.g. like carrots, cucumber, radish, broccoli spring onions, and tomatoes  )you can also add dried fruits and a protein source as well like a boiled egg, roasted chicken, sautéed paneer, soya nuggets, etc. can be added to increase the satiety value of salads although heavy dressing should be avoided only minimum spices with olive oil can be used to make desired salad chop the required vegetables add the dressing and nuts if required try to eat it fresh only.


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