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10 days online course designed to help you understand the ancient concept of Prakriti and the interconnection between food and body type. Our experience-based learning concept will empower you to plan a nutritious diet for yourself as well as for your family.

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10 days online classes + A book on Ayurveda


This course is open for all who have a zeal to learn about nutrition.



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Personal Nutrition Course- 10 Days

How to understand your family's Prakriti

Prakriti plays an informative role in understanding the characteristics of a person or family, it also plays an important role in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a disease. Getting to know about the Prakriti of one's family can help get rid of the aggravated Dosha which could in long run prove to be the root cause of health issues.

Eating according to body type

Once a person or family understands their Prakriti and body type, it is important that they do the necessary lifestyle and food changes accordingly. By eating their suiting food according to their body type helps with digestion, managing weight, and preventing illnesses.

The healing power of Herbs (nausea, stomach ache, healthy digestion, improving gut health)

In the Modern world people rely more on chemicals based drugs for health issues, but it is great to know that our planet has many powerful plant herbs that can provide relief and prevent an upcoming problem as well. One should know, learn and understand the power of nature and how it works on our system to provide relief from many common disorders of our body.

Nutrition for women

Women's body goes through several challenges in each sphere of their life, from puberty they go through complicated changes in the body like menarche. They multitask in all areas everyday along with bearing children, nourishing them, attaining menopause and its complications and many more. So, Women's Nutrition is one thing all women should learn and know so that they are well equipped for all the challenges coming forth

Reading labels

In times like these, everyone should be aware of what they are consuming on ingredient level and on nutrients level. We must learn what the calories, proteins, carbs, vitamins and fiber a product is serving. Reading Labels also helps us to know what and which class preservatives a product is using. Nowadays it is mandated for each product to have a nutrition label.

Healthy tiffins for children

Modern age children are fond of snacking, eating fast foods, want to carry junk food in their tiffins and basically prefer unhealthy food over healthy ones. So this chapter deals with smart ways for parents to incorporate healthy foods in their kid's tiffins so that they relish it and get maximum nutrition also.

Creating healthy recipes

This chapter takes into consideration all the nutrients and their sources, which we must include in our daily life. This even includes an introduction to many new foods and grains which normally people don't know about. In this fast-food evolving times even adults need nutrition monitoring to manage weight and many health issues.

Food combinations and compatibility (Based on Ayurvedic principles)

According to Ancient Ayurveda, food should be treated as medicine and wrong combinations of it can lead to various health complications. This takes into account specific prakriti or dosha and the do's and don'ts for each. If food combinations are taken care of, then we can avoid many digestive issues that nowadays require dozens of medicines. This chapter provides you a list of foods that should never be consumed along with all other foods.

Fad Diets and how are they harmful

Nowadays with so many diets available on the internet, one must know how to distinguish between a healthy and nutritious diet and a FAD diet. This chapter gives you all the required information, their effects on health and what you should replace it with for best results

Healthy lunch for office-goers

This is an important topic for all those people who go to the office and also for those women who prepare lunch for them. Consuming one kind of cliche food everyday becomes boring to eat and to prepare, so we teach you different ways how to make food healthy and exciting.

Healthy eating-out tips

Everybody eats out once in a while now, with many going almost every alternate day. So why should one compromise on health while eating out? This chapter gives you a whole lot of useful information on what to choose, how much to eat a specific item, and what to eat before and after a meal eaten outside.

Meal timings

Meal timings are equally important as what food you are eating in the meal. One must know what are the ideal food timings, especially for all the Prakritis. Taking care of this alone can ward off many disorders from our daily life.

Importance of Vitamins and Mineral

This chapter explains about the organic substances which we obtain from plants and soil, known as Vitamins & Minerals. They are so crucial to our bodies that their deficiency causes many health issues. Here we learn about all the types of Vitamins & Minerals, their deficiency and their natural dietary sources which are easily available to everyone.

How to choose a healthy oil

Nowadays with all the marketing and advertising about different types & brands of cooking oil, one is bound to get confused about buying and using such an important ingredient of cooking. Oils are not only an essential part of cooking but they are also required by the body for many processes, growth and health. This chapter gives you a clear insight about what are the healthiest cooking oils and their comparison of ingredients which makes them better than others.

Anti Aging Diet and Herbs

The Modern world, on one hand, is blessed with technology, on the other side, it is getting polluted in every way be it air, water, or soil. This is causing damage to hair, skin, and causing aging faster. This chapter explains the nutrition, diet, and herbs that help you improvise your skin & hair, as well as delay the process of aging!

Nutrition and Herbs for building Immunity

This chapter is important and relevant to every one of us, especially in recent times. It helps you to know the right foods that boost your immunity along with the reasons. This chapter also deals with the natural plant herbs that are known to protect our body from infections and other diseases for ages, as per Ayurveda.

Nutrition and herbs for healthy skin and Hair

Skin and Hair are the most important asset of a person and everybody wants them to look perfect and attractive. These are important also because these are the first thing in our body on which aging gets reflected. So to keep them healthy, nourished and flawless one needs help with certain foods and plant herbs which are being taught in this chapter.

Nutrition and Herbs - Diabetes, Hypertension, Hypothyroid, Obesity

Our disturbed lifestyle, pesticides, chemicals, wrong food at the wrong time, stress, etc causes many disorders in our body, Diabetes, Hypertension, Hypothyroid and Obesity are among them. These disorders are so common these days which require just a little change in food and lifestyle along with incorporation of natural plant herbs. This chapter gives you a good understanding about these.

Why learning personal nutrition is important?

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