Eat the rainbow: Secrets to a healthy heart, and the gut-inflammation connection

In this episode of Vedique Wellness, Dr Shikha Sharma and Dr Junger discuss how to ensure a healthy heart.

In the US, one person dies of heart-related issues every 37 seconds and India is already the Diabetes capital of the world.

The underlying reason for all the heart diseases and other chronic diseases is inflammation, and inflammation has its origins in the intestines. Your immune system and thus the inflammations in your body depends on the kind of food you eat.

In today’s fast-paced world, it is very important to stay away from processed food items which fire off the inflammation levels and deposit toxins in our body.

Dr Junger suggests eating the rainbow colours of fruits, vegetables, nuts and everything natural to ensure a healthy gut and thus reduce inflammation in your body.

“The longer the shelf life of your food, the shorter your life” Watch the video to know how to maintain good heart health and gut health.

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  1. Ratna Mitra

    Alongwith detox and anti inflammation I need weight loss.

    • Dr Shikha Sharma

      Hello! for diet plans please share your contact details else you call on this no for more details 1800-103-6663 toll-free

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