Hara Masala Brown Rice Pulao

4 servings of Hara Masala Brown Rice Pulao
Cooking time:
40 mins

  • 1 ½ cup brown rice

  • 11/2 cup fresh chopped coriander leaves

  • ½ cup fresh chopped mint leaves

  • 8 cloves chopped garlic

  • 2 chopped green chillies

  • 1 tbsp olive oil

  • 1-inch stick cinnamon

  • 3 green cardamoms

  • 6-8 cloves

  • 1 inch chopped ginger

  • 1 medium-size carrot, scraped and cubed

  • 7-8 small florets of cauliflower

  • Salt to taste

  • 41/2 cup vegetable stock

  • 4-5 french beans ½ pieces


  1. Soak brown rice in two and a half cups of water for two hours. Drain and set aside.

  2. For green chutney grind coriander leaves, mint leaves, garlic and green chillies to a fine paste.

  3. Heat oil in a pan. Add cinnamon, green cardamoms, cloves and ginger and sauté till fragrant. Add carrot, cauliflower and brown rice and mix well.

  4. Add three tablespoons of green chutney and salt and stir to mix well.

  5. Add vegetable stock and french beans and mix well.

  6. When the mixture comes to a boil, reduce heat, cover and cook until the rice is done. Serve hot.

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