Lemons in Weight Loss

How Lemons Assist in Weight Loss and Other Benefits

Lemons, one of the most widely used citrus fruits in the world are a store of many nourishing elements with a very high level of vitamin-C. Though the inner flesh is very sour, it is often used to add flavour in various preparations due to its refreshing smell and tart flavour. The lemon extract is used as a dressing in salads and to make lemonades. Lemon zest is also used to add flavour and ward off unwanted odours due to the presence of aromatic oils.

Besides its use in food preparations, lemons have been long used as a weight reducing agent. Lemons if eaten as a whole contain a good amount of pectin that provides satiety and thereby help in reducing weight. However, due to its sour taste not many people are able to eat the lemon and therefore use lemon water for the purpose of reducing weight. Lemon water has a potential effect on the metabolism, satiety and hydration levels of the body that aid the weight loss.

Lemons have also found its use as a medicinal plant for the treatment of various health issues since they are a good source of vitamin-C and flavonoids or antioxidants which boost the health and well-being in several ways.

Benefits of lemons are listed below:

  • Improves indigestion: Lemons contain numerous phytochemicals and digestive juices which facilitate digestion, thereby relieving heartburn, belching, bloating and gastric issues. Adding few drops of lemon to the dish can aid digestion and avoid problems of constipation.
  • Controls blood pressure and reduces blood cholesterol levels: Lemons are considered to be beneficial for people with heart problems since they are rich sources of potassium and therefore help to control blood pressure, dizziness and nausea providing a calming sensation to the mind and body. It also helps to lower the blood cholesterol levels as the pectin present in lemon combines with the cholesterol in the gastrointestinal tract thereby reducing the absorption of glucose; hence, leading to low cholesterol levels.
  • Boosts immune system: Lemons contain antioxidants that help to boost the immune system. They can be used to treat colds, fevers, and flu since they aid the production of antibodies and white blood cells that help to fight the infection. They also help by increasing the perspiration thereby reducing the body temperature.
  • Eye health: Rutin, another component found in lemons help to maintain eye health and reduce symptoms of eye problems. It helps in the smooth flow of blood to the retina which is important for a strong and sharp vision. It can also prevent blood vessel illness in the eye.
  • Respiratory health: Lemon extract helps to relieve respiratory and breathing problems such as asthma. Its anti-bacterial properties also help to fight throat problems.
  • Liver health: Liver is the body’s integral filtration system. Lemons help to flush out toxins from the liver and control damaging organisms since they are natural cleansers.
  • Internal bleeding: The antiseptic and coagulant properties of lemons can stop internal bleeding such as nosebleeds. Also, the bioflavonoids in lemon can prevent internal haemorrhage by way of strengthening the blood vessels.
  • Relieves symptoms associated with pathogenic bacteria: The anti-bacterial properties of lemon help to prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria that cause infection and diseases such as malaria, diphtheria, and typhoid.
  • Treats rheumatism: Lemons possess diuretic properties which make it beneficial for the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis. It helps to control inflammation and flush out bacteria and toxins from the body.
  • Dental health: Lemons play an important role in maintaining the dental health. They are used as teeth whitening agents. They are also used to aid aching tooth and bleeding gums.
  • Skin Health: Vitamin-C plays a vital role in the formation of collagen which is a support system of the skin. Lemons can be used to cure skin problems such as acne and eczema. It also acts as an anti-ageing remedy and can be used for the removal of blackheads and wrinkles. Taking lemon water with honey brings a natural glow to the face. Due to its antiseptic properties, few drops of lemon can help to ease the pain of sunburns and bee stings.
  • Hair care: Lemons work wonderfully to improve the condition of hair. They can be used to treat various hair problems such as dandruff, oily scalp, hair loss, split ends and lice. They can also be used as natural highlighters and to have thick and lustrous hair.

Therefore, adding a lemon to your day not only aids weight loss but also help you look younger and stay healthy!

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