How to balance doshas

Join us for the live webinar with Dr. Ipsa (Ayurveda and Nutrition Expert @ Dr. Shikha’s Nutrihealth). She will be answering the following queries:

  1. Why is Jasmine Infusion Tea so popular among the clients?
  2. What is dosha imbalance? How can we identify if someone is having dosha imbalance? Why are the risks if we don’t correct it in the long term
  3. Which herbal products can help you balance it ?
  4. How will tridosha balancer help? What are it’s benefits?
  5. Suggest what is the best, natural and sustaining way to keep hair & skin healthy

Purchase Tri-Dosha Balancer to balance your Doshas. 

Purchase Organic Himalayan Berry, provides nourishment to your skin & hair.

Purchase Jasmine Tea, helps to rejuvenate skin and weight loss as well.

Learn the fundamentals of Nutrition and Ayurveda. 

Learn How to Plan Your Daily Nutrition
Learn Vedic Nutrition With Dr Shikha NutriHealth Vedique Wellness Academy

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