Weight gain


How can I gain weight

As I m 21 but still look like a 15 year child

Recommend me some diet plan


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Hi! In order to gain weight, you have to do 3 things:

  • Strengthening exercises (like weight training, plank, upper body and lower body workouts)
  • Improve digestive capability
  • Better quality sleep

These 3 are the fundamental of weight gain there are the important things which you have to bear in mind. With exercises, the logic is to create a demand in your body, which can only happen via exercises which are strength exercises, these also give body shape and contour.

The second is to improve your liver function so that your body can absorb the extra calories required. There are many foods and herbs to improve liver function. Some examples of foods which can be taken are dates (khajur), milk, ghee, dalia, black channa, paneer, organic ghee. With better liver function, your body will gain weight at the right proportions. The third is getting 7-8 hours of good sleep so that the body can rejuvenate itself.

Since the recommendation is basis the Prakriti, you can get a free detailed day-wise plan by downloading the Vedique Diet App, Android and iOS.

Suggested Herbs

Ashwagandha powder 1 tsp with milk once in a day
Draksharishta 2 tbsp with 2 tbsp water after lunch and dinner



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