Nuts that Can be Taken in Summers too

With the word summers the first thing that comes in the mind is scorching sunlight, heat waves and high temperatures making it tough to cope with daily works increasing the need of the coolants to the body and due to sluggish digestion, the choices for the various foodstuff also varies. Even though there is a change in the temperature levels we can not escape the fact that nutrients are needed all the year round by the body.

One of the important portions comes from nuts and oilseeds to complete the needs of the essential fatty acids and other minerals. Now the question arises what to choose and how to consume it – answer to this –

Almonds – Must for the Kitchen

All Mother’s favourite nut given everyday morning before leaving for the school or college or office.

Almonds are used in Indian diet since the Mughal’s had their rein in India, it has always been an important part of the various recipes prepared at that time and even now the reason behind that is it is available throughout the year.

Talking about the way it can be consumed has variations like it can be taken as a snack for munching, can be used in desserts, can be used in coolant preparations like sharbat or shorba.

More about Almonds

The skin of the almonds might create a trouble to the digestion so it is advisable to consume the overnight soaked almonds after peeling off the skin, in order to reduce the aggravated Pitta. Raisins can also be dipped along. In summers due to the change in the appetite levels, people prefer to have more of salad and coolants over the paranthas and other fried items.

How to eat Almonds

Almonds can be taken in the form of Thandai (coolant drink prepared using Almonds) or chopped pieces can be added to the salad or it can be consumed directly in mid-morning time or it can be added to the cereal-based breakfast options like wheat porridge, oat porridge, milk and muesli. It can also be added to the fruit smoothies prepared in milk or in the curd.

So be it summer or winters enjoy the goodness of this wonderful nut.

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