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  • Improves immunity and Stamina
  • Build Lean Muscle Mass
  • Improves Hair Fall
  • Boost Metabolism

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Quantity: 500gm

Balance Pro is a natural protein powder with no artificial colours. It is a combination of pea protein and rice protein which naturally contains amino-acids and is enriched with multi-vitamins and minerals.It is non-allergic and gluten-free. It also contains curcumin which has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Balanced protein assists in healthy weight loss and improves metabolism.


Pea protein

Pea protein found in Balance pro is a “complete protein” as it has all the nine essential amino acids. It is easily digested and its bioavailability is quite high unlike other plant based protein powders. It is also one of the best plant based form of protein that is at par with the best of animal-derived protein. Pea protein digests slowly and slower-digesting proteins work better for enhancing muscle growth over the long period. Pea protein is very beneficial in building muscle or recovering from workouts. It provides high satiety levels which is good for persons who are looking to lose weight.

Rice protein

Rice protein is vegan, gluten-free protein which is good alternative to whey protein. It is a complete protein as it contains all amino acids needed by the body.

The rice and pea protein combination offer superior amino acid profile when compared to egg or dairy proteins. It is best suited for persons who have allergies, sensitivities or digestion issues with other proteins. The light texture of pea protein smoothes out the strong and chalky flavor of rice protein. Both pea and rice proteins are gluten-free and easy to digest, It is suitable for a vegans, vegetarians, athletes and for those with celiac disease.


  1. Provides high quality vitamins and minerals essential for skin nourishment.
  2. It is low in carbohydrates and fat
  3. Naturally contains anti-oxidants which slow down the signs of aging.
  4. Helps in strengthening and repairing muscles.
  5. Helps in maintaining healthy bones as it is rich in calcium.
  6. Prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth.

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21 reviews for Balance Pro

  1. Rahul saxena

    M taking this before workout its helps me alot also it has improved my metabolism.Thank you Dr Shikha Sharma

  2. Sushant maggu

    I used to fell weak also had a hair fall issue.After start using this product all the problem has been solved as a precaution my complete family using this wonderful herbs.

  3. Kamini Shukla

    Great experience with this i suggest you all just go with this its help to maintain metabolism and has given results which I couldn’t have got in any other product.

  4. Sushant

    It is a value for money. Suitable for vegetarians.

  5. Mumtaz

    Wonderful Product….. 100% fresh and genuine ingredients…. taste is wonderful

  6. Navneet

    Quite good, taste and flavor excellent

  7. ramsha

    After many trials I finally got a wonderful product…..will to suggest all of my friends and relatives try this.

  8. Rakesh

    A one of a kind immunity booster. It’s a great nutritious product for the entire family. A must-have.

  9. Sahir

    Best results. I will be a frequent order of this product

  10. karan

    I had so much acidity & digestion problem but after consuming this regularly i can see great result.

  11. Surya

    Amazing !

  12. Shreyas

    You feel light immediately after consumption.Magical

  13. himanshu

    Very effective product

  14. kuldeep

    Response satisfied.

  15. khunsha

    Really awesome product I was looking for immunity booster kada during COVID 19 scenario I saw this product. Happy to buy

  16. Rashid

    Good results

  17. Sujeet

    Best for Immunity.Recommended for all.

  18. Saurabh

    It really energizes you, clears the mind and your smelling senses are so much better after drinking this. Thanks to its natural goodness.

  19. Arun

    I had ordered 8 of these to different members in the family as a gift to improve their immunity.

  20. Vineet

    Tastes good!

  21. Charu

    I always have runny nose all morning in the winter and rainy season but since I have started using this it has worked very well for me…

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