Why You Should Not Be Hiding Your True Diet From Nutrition Experts

Why You Should Not Be Hiding Your True Diet From Nutrition Experts

Nutrition experts are credible professionals with specialized knowledge in the field of Nutrition Science and are qualified to guide people regarding their diets and nutritional behaviour. They are trustworthy health professionals who can help you achieve your target health goals and weight loss objectives. With easier access to internet facilities, more people have started relying blindly on internet websites that provide misleading and largely inaccurate information, pertaining to the type of diet we must follow in our routine life.

Consulting a nutrition expert for dietary advice

The role of a nutritionist is often neglected and underestimated in Indian society. With greater awareness and health education, people in India have started realizing the importance of consulting nutrition experts, and several nutritionists have come into prominence due to their experience, and expertise in planning customized diets for patients, and persons with weight management issues. However, many persons who consult nutritionists for dietary advice, under-report their food intake and lie about their dietary habits. They hide their real dietary patterns because they are erratic and not balanced. This is problematic because of the below mentioned reasons:

  • Nutritionists can only help you if you want to bring about desirable changes in your eating patterns and dietary choices
  • If you falsely report your dietary intake, the nutritionist will not be able to guide you in achieving your health goals
  • Hiding your weakness for sweets, salty snacks, and carbonated beverages will only add to your weight loss woes
  • Not reporting the snacks consumed in between meals would delay your weight loss and hamper the progress of your weight management plan
  • Eating out at restaurants and consuming junk food regularly will cause weight gain and put you at an increased risk of developing chronic diseases
  • Following diet advice by reading web sources will not solve your weight issues and health problems, instead, it can increase the severity of your health issues
  • Trying to do everything yourself without proper guidance and supervision of a trained nutrition professional will put you in immense trouble and can harm your health

Every person is totally in charge of his/her health and must ensure that he/she is getting the right kind of information related to health by consulting a registered medical practitioner, as well as certified nutrition professional. Setting up an appointment with a clinical nutritionist is as important as visiting a medical doctor because nutritionists have sound knowledge of nutrients, and their role in the maintenance of good health, whereas doctors can only prescribe medications, or advise surgery.

Nutrition experts can guide people about the right combinations of foods, meal timings, food preparation methods, the nutritive value of commonly consumed foods, and about the foods that need to be avoided in specific disease conditions. Next time you have any doubt or query regarding your current diet plan, do not hesitate to book an appointment with a clinical nutritionist. Rather than searching for diet-related information online, it is ideal to consult an experienced nutritionist who will plan your diet in accordance with your needs, preferences, dislikes, and after taking into consideration your food intolerance or allergies. This will ensure that your diet plan is compatible with your body constitution, blood group, and medical conditions. If you consume diets prescribed by nutritionists, you will get better results in a shorter span of time and will get the satisfaction of being in the right hands.

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