10 Tips To Beat Winter Blues

Winter is the time when people anxiously waiting for the cool breeze after the hot flames of the summer. Although winter is a time that rejuvenates almost every individual, however, some people suffer from the winter blues. Winter blues, also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), is a much prevalent disorder of the contemporary world. It can affect people of any age group, including children. It can be understood as a type of depression that occurs due to the changes in the seasons. The condition worsens with more dull days filled with fabricated lights. The symptoms appear in early winter and generally disappear with more sunny days. The symptoms mainly include loss of interest, difficulty in concentrating, disturbed sleeping patterns, feeling hopeless and sluggish, having low energy levels with frequent thoughts of death or suicide. Although the main cause of the disorder is unknown, however, it can be caused due to underlying conditions, such as depression.

As commonly said, it is better to prepare and prevent than to repair and repent. The prevention and management of the disorder is a subject of scrutiny. It is simple yet critical. Both lifestyle modifications and dietary modifications help you to beat the winter blues. Let’s discuss in detail:

Indulge in fruits

Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of essential vitamins and minerals which help to metabolize energy levels in the body. Also, fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, which help to fight against the free radicals in the body, making you feel better.

Eat a lot of nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are rich sources of iron and selenium, and it is suggested that low levels of selenium in the body cause depression, hence eating nuts and seeds can help to fight depression during winters. Also, these are rich sources of Omega 3 fatty acids which have a heart-protective function.

Eat a high fiber diet

Eating more calories makes the person feel sluggish and lethargic; eating a high fiber diet can be highly beneficial. A high fiber diet gives the feeling of satiety and hence you tend to eat less, making you feel much better.

Drink a lot of fluids

During winters, the indoor dry air makes your throat, nose, and skin feel parched. Taking adequate fluids during winters not only helps you to keep hydrated but also helps to ward off symptoms of SAD. Intake of fluid can be increased in winters by having hot soups and herbal teas.

Eat Healthy

Winter is a time, where people desperately wait to eat their favorite dishes. However, eating oily or fried foods makes the person feel sluggish and lethargic. Hence one must make wise choices and avoid having fried foods. Instead, more of vegetables and fruits may be taken.

Exposure to the sun

An idea of a sunbath is absolutely what you need. A brisk walk in the glare of the sun can act as a therapy for SAD (seasonal affective disorder) patients. Staying inside the concrete buildings having false lighting can make a person feel more depressed. Hence it becomes essential not only for people suffering from SAD but also for each and every individual to expose themselves to sunlight during the day. It is advised for such patients to sit either near the windows or at a well-ventilated place as people with SAD may benefit from a bright, open-spaced environment. 

Stay active and warm

Staying active and indulging oneself in some activity can also help. Winter is a time when everybody feels cozy and comfortable inside the blankets, however spending hefty amounts of time in bed can you feel lethargic. Hence it becomes important to do some sort of physical activity to keep oneself active and energetic. Various studies suggest that being cold makes the person feel more depressed, hence keeping yourself warm might help to reduce the winter blues.

Indulge in some hobby

Keeping the mind busy in some hobby or activity of interest can help to stave off the symptoms of winter blues. The activities can range from singing to joining a gym, depending on the preference of the individuals.


Various scholars observed, that socializing helps to improve the mental health and ward off the winter blues. Seeing your friends and family and spending time with them can instantly help to boost up the mood and make you feel contented.

Sleep hygiene

Sleep hygiene is a set of certain behaviors that improve the quality of sleep. These may include fixed sleeping and waking up patterns, keeping the sleeping place clean and warm, minimizing the use of electronic gadgets before bed, etc. Incorporating and maintaining the sleep hygiene practices, help to have a sound sleep at night and improve the mood the next morning.

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