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We understand there is no One Plan that Fits All. Hence we consider the following parameters before planning the Vedique Diet Plan: Prakriti Analysis (Body Constitution analysis), Blood Group, Medical History, Lifestyle (Veg/ Non-Veg, Travel plans, etc.) 

Personal Nutritionist and Doctor        

You will be assigned a personal nutritionist & doctor who will help you achieve your health goals of weight-loss, diabetes control, PCOD Management, etc.

Intensive Technology Based Monitoring

We understand the need of a buddy while following a fitness regime. Your nutritionist will call you 2-3 times per week and discuss the progress, Nutrition plan, etc. She will be tracking your feedbacks through YuWoW App.

A Proud Moment of Achievement

In last 20 years, we have helped people in attaining good health and achieve their target of Weight Loss, staying healthy & fit, etc. Trust us and you will be our next success story.

Our Plans


3 months Plan

  • 90 Days Védique Diet Plan


6 months Plan

  • 180 Days Védique Diet Plan


12 months Plan

  • 365 Days Védique Diet Plan

Yuwow App

Personalised Diet Plans

Get the personalized diet plan from our nutritionists on Yuwow App.

Free Weight Loss Recipes

Find 100+ unique Weight loss recipes on YuWoW App which will make your weight loss journey easier & tastier

Free Diabetic Dashboard

Track your daily, weekly & monthly sugar levels.

Vedic Prakriti Analysis

Get free access of the Prakriti Analyser. Enjoy the experience of exploring your body type

Our Products

Unique blend of Herbs

Our Product range is a unique blend of various herbs to get rid of toxins.

Improves skin and Hair health

Full of anti-oxidants which improves skin and hair texture

Immunity Booster​

Improves Body Defense Mechanism.

Improves Energy Levels

Herbal Formulations are rich in Vitamins and Minerals.

Reduces Weight Naturally

Combination of rejuvenating herbs which reduces weight naturally.

Our Team

Ayurveda Doctors

We have a panel of expert Ayurveda Doctors who will analyse your body type & understand the medical condition. They will help the nutritionist by assisting them in the designing of diet plans and will focus on your medical improvements

Nutrition Experts

A team of post graduate nutritionists who will guide you by becoming your mentor & buddy and helps you in achieving your target by providing you personalised nutrition advise as per your lifestyle and food preferences.

Health Counsellors

 Our health counsellors are always there to guide you in the journey towards a healthier lifestyle by assisting you throughout the program.

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Clients Speak

Beena Thakur

Beena Thakur

"Mummy aap small ho gaye....." The best compliment is from my own daughter when she said "mama aap small ho gaye"

Ritu Rajput

Ritu Rajput

My amazing transformation
I am glad i gave up my old pattern to gain something truly wonderful!

Dharam Dass Malhotra

Dharam Dass Malhotra

At the Airport my friends didn't recognize me.... This new learning is a great blessing for me and i intent to enjoy being healthy and positive for the rest of my life...


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