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Personalized Nutrition Counselling

Weight Management

At Dr Shikha’s NutriHealth, we have brought together modern scientific nutrition and Ayurveda practices to create personalized and healthy weight management. The program utilises body type (Prakriti), metabolism, blood group, medical history, and food preferences to create the best diet for you. We accommodate your routine and create flexible plans.

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Detox Program

While the human body is designed to remove the toxins that accumulate in our system, the unhealthy food ingredients, stressful environment and the ever-increasing air pollution has thrown the mechanisms off its balance and requires our attention. The Organic India CLEAN program aids your body to detoxify and encourages the body’s natural healing ability.

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Disease Management

In our 21+ years of experience, we have helped people with various lifestyle-related diseases like Diabetes, Cholesterol, PCOS, Thyroid, IBS, Hypertension, and other chronic disorders. We identify the root cause behind the health concern and help you alleviate the issues. We suggest natural, Ayurvedic herbs along with personalized dietary modifications to achieve best results.

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Immunity Diet Plan

You are as strong as your immune system. Building immunity requires a combination of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals and each body type require a variety of food ingredients to meet these requirements. In our offering, Ayurveda and modern nutrition come together to create nutrition advisory plans which will help you boost your immunity and strengthens it from within.

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What Our Customers Say

 Mummy aap small ho gaye…..” The best compliment is from my own daughter when she said” mama aap small ho gaye 

Beena Thakur

 My amazing transformation
I am glad i gave up my old pattern to gain something truly wonderful! 

Ritu Rajput

 At the Airport my friends didn’t recognize me…. This new learning is a great blessing for me and i intent to enjoy being healthy and positive for the rest of my life… 

Dharam Dass Malhotra


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