5 Ayurvedic Ways to Lose Weight and Cut Belly Fat

With the growing awareness and interest around one’s health and general well-being, weight loss has increasingly become an important objective for people around the world. People are increasingly understanding the importance of weight loss, not only as a factor of their physical appearance, but also their health. We now inhabit a world that is fascinated with diets that help people lose weight, get healthier and become a better version of themselves.

With so many weight loss diets and strategies available, including keto, fasting and calorie-counting, Ayurveda has offered the simplest yet the most holistic way of looking at weight loss. To understand the Ayurvedic concept of weight loss, we must understand the science of body composition and the science of food processing in our bodies.

Since the emphasis of the Ayurvedic programme of weight loss is on long-term wellness rather than quick gains, you wouldn’t need to deprive yourself or restrict your food options in an unreasonably narrow way. Instead, the ayurvedic diet places a strong emphasis on adhering to a set of simple principles that can both aid in weight loss and promote a generally healthy body.


  1. Eat Three Meals Daily (or better yet 5 meals daily)

The Ayurvedic tradition holds that digestion is connected to the doshas in your body composition, more particularly – an aggravation of kapha (or the digestive fire). A consistent supply of dependable fuel can be given to the body in order to properly kindle the digestive fire, which is necessary to maintain a healthy metabolism. To achieve a crucial balance of the digestive fire, eat wholesome, easily digestible meals 3 times a day following a strict schedule. Better yet, add 2 mini meals of fruits and salads that provide essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein, along with 3 ligher meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner. By doing this, you may make sure that the digestive fire is sufficiently activated and even help it get stronger.


  1. Eat a light dinner, definitely before 7 Pm

Eating a light meal (definitely before 7 p.m.) promotes the natural detoxification processes that take place overnight by allowing your stomach to empty itself before bed. To achieve adequate cleansing, include extra salads and soups at dinner.


  1. Eat A Kapha-Pacifying Diet

A kapha-pacifying diet can assist the body adjust and helps to remove extra kapha from the system. The kapha diet should ideally consist of warm, dry, rough, light, and easily digestible meals. So instead of frozen, stale, or cold food, choose freshly created food.


  1. Exercise At Least Three Days A Week

Make time in your busy schedule to exercise in order to boost your metabolism and effectively burn fat. Walk, run, cycle, do yoga, or go swimming—all of them are enjoyable physical activities. Early in the morning, when your body has had a good night’s sleep and is rested and ready for the day, is the greatest time to engage in physical activity.


  1. Sip On Hot Water Or Tea Through The Day

In the Vedic tradition, hot water has been known to be an elixir. Ama, or toxins, tend to build up in the body as a result of external factors like pollution, poor food choices, etc. Ama is supposed to have a sticky consistency and dissolves readily in hot water. Drink a little warm water every 2 hours through-out the day. To further aid detoxification, add some fresh herbs, such ginger or tulsi, or some lemon to your hot water.

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