5 Fruits You Must Include In Your Diet For Healthy Skin

When asked by Dermatologists about how to have healthy and beautiful-looking skin, they generally refer to expensive creams, soaps, or ointments. But the fact is that nourishment comes from within the body, at the cellular level. Creams or ointments help but the glow, shine, suppleness, and youthful skin is achieved only by eating the right nutrition. Skin is the largest organ of our body and it sheds the old cells and they get replaced by younger ones. Therefore, what we eat determines the nutrition of what the cells are made up of.

Skin is the first barrier that protects us from all kinds of infections, microbes, and germs. It also adjusts and maintains your body’s temperature. We all know the fact that how much we try we cannot stop aging, but what we should try is to delay it as much as we can, and avoid any such reasons that speed it up, like excess sun exposure, poor nutrition, chemicals, and strong soaps. Therefore, we must strive for a holistic approach and include such foods in our diet like fruits, which have powerful antioxidants and nutrients in them.

Let us now know about the top 5 fruits that everyone should include so as to have healthy skin always:


This superfruit is rich in healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. It is rich in monounsaturated fats (mostly Oleic Acid, same found in Olive Oil) and small amounts of saturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. Other than healthy fats, avocados are rich in dietary fiber and antioxidant properties.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin are two important carotenoids present in avocados, which prevent oxidative damage to the cells, fight free radicals and prevent aging.

Avocados are rich in Vitamin C which is a super antioxidant, if taken every day it gives flawless and clear glowing skin. It heals wounds and blemishes and promotes radiant skin. Other Vitamins present in the super fruit are Vitamin A, E, K, B6. Niacin, Vitamin B5 and folate.

How to Use for glowing skin:

  1. You can eat it (pulp) as a whole fruit.
  2. Add avocado to your favorite salad, sandwiches, wraps, and rolls.
  3. Make a smoothie of it combining it with spinach, celery, cucumber and other fruits.
  4. Mash avocado and apply it on your skin, rinse off after 10 mins.
  5. Make Guacamole (avocado spread) and use it on anything you want.
  6. People with oily skin can mix avocado pulp with rose water and little camphor and apply on their face. Rinse it after 10-15 mins.

Gooseberry also known as Amla

This fruit is loaded with Vitamin C therefore it proves to be very helpful for the skin as it helps in producing collagen (the abundant protein) and protecting it against infections, acne, and blemishes. Gooseberry or Amla contains 10-30 times more Vitamin C than oranges! It purifies blood that is why it helps to have clear skin. It is because of these reasons that the cosmetic industry reaches out to this fruit for their maximum products. The best part about the wonderful fruit is that one can apply it and eat it in many forms like candies, chutney, juice, murabba, pickles etc.

How to Use for glowing skin: 

  1. One can add fresh gooseberry pieces to their favorite juices or smoothies.
  2. Crush fresh gooseberries and extract juice out of them, drink every morning with warm water.
  3. Make a face pack with amla powder, honey, and yogurt and apply for 20 mins and rinse. This especially works for beautifully radiant skin.
  4. For oily skin, mix amla powder with rose water and apply. Rinse when it dries.
  5. Eat it raw, you can put chaat masala or use honey as a dip to subside its bitter and sour taste.


Mango- the king of fruits! Works amazingly well for younger-looking and radiant skin. It has all the necessary ingredients that are required for the same. Loaded with Vitamins A, E, C, and K along with beta carotene, xanthophylls, and flavonoids. Mangoes protect your skin from the damage done by the sun and pollution. These are favorable for people who have aggravated Vata dosha and it also treats people who suffer from constipation. When the stomach behaves well it shows on the skin too!

How Mango can be used for glowing skin:

  1. Use fresh mango pulp and rub it on your skin, leave it for 10-15 minutes and rinse.
  2. One can eat mango as a whole fruit either in the mid-morning or early morning as a first thing. This allows full absorption of the fruit into the system.
  3. Make mango shake or smoothie to avail of its benefits.
  4. For Oily skin, mix mango pulp with rose water and lemon juice. Apply this mixture for 15 minutes and rinse with cold water.
  5. People with dry skin should mix mango pulp with 1 tsp of yogurt and honey. Apply the mixture for 15 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.
  6. One can put mango pieces to their favorite cereal with milk combinations also.

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This is the most easily available fruit all year round! It contains 2 enzymes Papain and Chymopapain which are primarily responsible for protecting the skin from any kind of inside and outside damage. This fruit is rich in Vitamin A, C, B, Folate, and minerals like copper, magnesium, and potassium. Like mango, papaya is rich in fiber and prevents constipation. A happy stomach is directly related to healthy skin!

How Papaya can be used for glowing skin:

  1. Make papaya a breakfast fruit and an evening snack
  2. Mix it in your favorite smoothie or shake
  3. Make papaya scrub by papaya pulp with orange peel and rose water. This will help people with pigmentation and anti-aging.


This fruit is a miracle for people who love their skin and treat it like a possession. It is a natural bleaching agent whose Vitamin C content is remarkable! It treats skin problems like dark spots, pigmentation, keratinization, acne, scars, and any other type of issues. All problems have one solution- lemon!

How Lemon can be used for glowing skin:

  1. One should use lemon on salad, fruit salads, vegetable juices, or simply as lemonades any time before sunsets.
  2. To lighten the skin tone, rub lemon and sugar on the keratinized areas.
  3. For dark circles and dark spots, mix 1 tablespoon of lemon juice with 1 teaspoon of raw milk, apply for 15 minutes and rinse.
  4. For pigmentation, you can mix lemon juice along with coconut oil. Apply the mixture for 10 minutes and rinse.

These were the top 5 fruits that will help you get radiant and glowing skin. Try using the tips given and consume the fruits two to three times a day. It will help you in every way for a good healthy you! Purchase Anti Aging Kit.

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