5 Tips For Kidney Health

5 Tips For Kidney Health

The two bean-shaped organs located on either side of the spine, kidneys, are responsible to filter out wastes and excess fluids from the body. Our garbage collectors filter around 55 gallons of blood every day. Kidneys not only filter out wastes but they also keep the electrolyte balance in the body, regulate blood pressure, produce hormones that make the red blood cells, regulate ph and they also activate a form of Vitamin D that absorbs calcium and helps in building strong bones.

The following tips can be followed to keep your kidneys healthy for life:

1) Stay Hydrated

To clear sodium and flush out the toxins from the body, you need to drink a good amount of fluids every day. There is no such amount of fluids mentioned specifically by the Doctors or any medical care personnel, but drinking water above 2 liters per day helps your kidneys function properly and prevent dehydration. The fluid needs of the body depend on many factors like age, physical activity, gender, climate, health conditions like pregnancy, breastfeeding, kidney stones or any kidney disease.

2) Check on your blood sugar on a regular basis

People who have diabetes or any health problem that raises blood sugar levels are prone to develop kidney diseases or damage. This is because when cells of the body are not able to use glucose then kidneys work doubles to filter blood. So one should always get blood tests done timely to avoid such complications. If detected early one can prevent or reduce kidney damage.

3) Monitor your blood pressure

People are aware that high blood pressure causes a heart attack or stroke but very few know that it is the most common cause of kidney damage. Healthy blood pressure ranges to around 120/80, but 139/89 are considered prehypertensive and should immediately shift to a healthy lifestyle and dietary habits. At 140/90 you must discuss it with your doctor and should do the necessary changes.

4) Be fit and active

Being physically fit helps you to check your weight and reduce blood pressure which prevents chronic kidney diseases. One should find a suitable workout wherein you can relax and enjoy the burnout. Cycling, running, gym, dance, yoga or aerobics can be some good choices.

5) Healthy diet and nutrition

A healthy diet will provide you with good nutrition but also prevent obesity which is the root cause of all health problems like diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, etc. A diet low in sodium, trans fats, deep-fried foods, processed meat, frozen and canned foods should be preferred. Make your diet rich in green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, nuts and seeds, pulses and lean meat. It’s easy and healthy to cook food by yourself as you are the best judge about what to put and how much to put!

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  1. sriram

    hi !

    my husband is 37 year old and has a an history of low functioning of kidney. While he has standard medicines to keep his uric acid , blood pressure in control, his creatinine has gone up in last 4 months and we are looking for nutritionist who can suggest renal diet to lower the creatine and keep it in control. i was recommended by my friend to speak to you and would like to know if you hav experts who can suggest renal diet

    • Dr Shikha Sharma

      Hello! Please share your contact details so that we can book a free consultation for you.

  2. Sarah Chadwel

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