5 Weight Loss Friendly Foods That Changed My Life

The path to weight loss and reaching your goals may seem difficult when you’re thinking about it. Nevertheless, I worked smarter and harder when I decided to make everything as perfect as possible for myself.

One of my friend’s mothers suggested Dr. Shikha Sharma while I was looking for a weight loss programme or diet from a certified and experienced nutritionist. With the Vedique diet programme,
I joined the trusted and experienced Dr. Shikha Sharma and her team.

This program is designed to work holistically within the body, which intrigued me. This involved analyzing my body Prakriti (Vata – movement, Pitta – digestion, Kapha – strength and growth), running some blood tests, and then planning my diet.

I’m sure you’re wondering what amazing diet plan they came up with for me after reading this discussion. The following is a part of my Vedique Diet Plan:

5 Best Weight Loss Friendly Vedique Diet Foods

1. Daliya or Porridge
It has high fiber, protein, and some vitamin content that helps in keeping me full, and satisfied and prevents overeating. I regularly eat whole grains daliya (wheat, oats, muesli ), and balanced weights. It works great for building muscles. So, including daliya in a daily diet is essential if you’ve been hoping to lose weight effectively.

2. Channa Palak Tikki
The delicious and healthy Tikki made with low-fat olive oil is my favorite. Because they are high in protein and fiber, chickpeas, or chana, help me lose weight. Fiber helps maintain the health of my gut and keeps the feeling of fullness for longer. The Spinach in Tikki is a Low-calorie vegetable and it has high water content, iron, and fiber that helped me lose my belly fat, and improved meal digestion, and absorption.

My Vedique Diet nutritionists suggest that consuming chickpeas
every day increases weight loss by 25%.

3. Triphala
I was advised to take this magical herb at night after dinner. Triphala is a rich source of antioxidants that flushes out toxins from the body and reduces bloating. Antioxidants can increase fat burning and boost metabolism by helping you get rid of the toxins produced by your fat cells. This, in turn, can make you lose weight.

4. Fresh fruits
Watermelon, papaya, Kiwi, and Mausambi (sweet lemon) are some great fresh fruits for mid-day snacks or even with breakfast. These delicious fruits have many benefits for a weight loss diet- being rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals that promote fat burn and reduce hunger pangs.

5. Tea/ Black coffee
I am a tea and coffee lover. It gives my day a kick start. But after the Vedique diet guidance from doctors, it has become secondary for me. Now I drink Black Coffee or Jasmine tea around tea time in the day or after breakfast. They taste good and also help burn extra calories.

I’ve listed my 5 favorite weight loss foods that are easy to make or can be easily bought and can help you lose some kilos and improve your nutrition quotient. As a result of following the Vedique Diet through the Vedique Diet App, my metabolism remains under control and I am losing weight.

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