6 Spices that Help in Losing Weight

Everyone wants to lose weight, but without compromising on their hunger. So now there is no need to curb your craving for spicy food to lose weight because spices can also help you lose those extra kilos. Spicy foods can help you curb the appetite and speed up the metabolism. Spices heat up the body from inside and reverse up the metabolism which sums up the chemical process that takes place in the body. It manages the movement of nutrients in the blood after digestion which results in growth. Some spices cause our body to burn more calories by boosting the metabolic rate and helps in weight loss.

Spices which helps in losing the weight are listed below:


Researchers have been found that a teaspoon of cinnamon helps in increasing the metabolism and improves the body’s ability to handle sugar by stimulating the insulin levels. It helps in keeping your digestive system smooth. Cinnamon also helps in increasing energy levels and concentration which helps in weight loss.

Black Pepper 

Black Pepper has been shown to raise the temperature and increase metabolism. Black Pepper will prevent the formation of new fat cells which cause weight gain. Black pepper contains piperine which helps in preventing fat cell differentiation, enhance fat metabolism and increase the bioavailability of nutrients. Black pepper has found to have an antioxidant and antibacterial property which helps in weight loss.


Turmeric is the bright yellow coloured spice and it also helps in burning the fat. Turmeric increases the body heat and boosts the metabolism. It prevents fat accumulation and fastens the fat loss. It not only helps in burning the fat but it also helps in another disease like Alzheimer’s disease, Arthritis Pain. It also has anti-diabetic action.

Cayenne Pepper 

Capsaicin is a chemical found in cayenne pepper which makes cayenne hot & spicy and improves abdominal fat loss and helps you burn more calories. People who don’t consume cayenne pepper if they start taking it they can start losing weight. When a person consumes pepper then his/her body temperature rises and these high and lows of body temperature help in burning calories.


Like Cinnamon, ginger helps control blood sugar levels which help to prevent the spike in the insulin levels. It has fat burning properties just like Turmeric and Cayenne. It can be consumed in Tea, Vegetables and curry preparations. It contains Chromium, Magnesium, Zinc which helps prevent chills, fever and excessive sweat.


Mustard comes in many forms like mustard leaves, oil and seeds. Leaves of mustard come under the cruciferous vegetable and mustard seeds have been shown to boost metabolism by 25% which means it is easy to burn calories when mustard is consumed. Mustard can be consumed in any way either in the form of oil, seeds or leaves.

All the spices mentioned above shows that all the spices will boost the metabolism and help in burning the calories. Any spice that will raise the body temperature, they will definitely help in burning the calories which in turn will help you lose weight.  

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