Good Sleep for good health

A Good Sleep is Essential for Good Health

Good sleep or deep sleep is incredibly good for your health. It is equally important and healthy as Eating and Exercising. Mostly the things which affect the sleep in today’s world is using phone late at night, some kind of stress or depression. These things affect the sleeping pattern of a person or even causing insomnia.

Reasons which says that sleeping is important

The poor sleeping pattern makes you fat

People who tend to sleep less or their sleep is incomplete tend to weigh more. Whether a person sleeps less or more it definitely affects the weight. Mostly those who don’t sleep well and have incomplete sleep hours have a higher risk of obesity. If you want to lose weight, get appropriate sleep.

Good Sleep tend to eat less

Lack of sleep makes a person eat more. So, Sleep-deprived individuals tend to have a bigger appetite and tend to eat more of calories. Sleep interrupts the fluctuations in appetite and causes poor appetite. It higher the level of ghrelin, the hormone which stimulates the appetite and reduced the level of leptin which suppresses the appetite.

Improves Concentration and Productivity

Sleep is important for brain functioning which includes concentration, cognition, productivity and performance. These things will affect negatively due to lack of sleep. People tend to do more mistakes and errors while working or on a daily basis if their sleeping pattern is not complete. Sleeping improves problem-solving skills and enhances the memory of both adults and children.

Maximize the Athletic Performance

Sleeping enhances athletic performance. People with complete sleeping pattern shows more speed, accuracy and action well being. Lack of sleep tends to be associated with poor exercise performance and functional limitations in elderly women. Women with incomplete sleep links to slower walking, lower strength and difficulty to perform independent activities.

Greater risk of Cardiac disease and stroke

Sleep quality and duration have a major effect on other diseases. The disease which believed to be chronic disease includes heart disease. Some of the researches have shown that those who sleep less have a greater risk of heart disease as compare to those whole complete 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

Risk of Depression

Mental issues, as well as depression, are strongly linked to poor sleep quality and sleeping disorders. Most people who are complaining of depression have a sleeping disorder and complaint about their sleeping quality. Poor sleep which causes depression can cause leads to suicide which cause death. A sleeping disorder such as insomnia or obstructive sleep apnea highly leads to depression.

Along with Nutrition and Exercise, taking good sleep is the best pill for a healthy lifestyle. A Person cannot achieve a healthy lifestyle if he/she does not take care of the sleep. So if you have started observing the symptoms of insomnia, please consult an expert for insomnia solution.


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