To educate the Nutritionists and healthcare professionals in the science of Vedique Nutrition. So as to enable them to be proficient in managing patients comprehensively through an integrated approach of modern nutrition combined with the science of Herbs and personalized approach of Prakriti( phenotype ) diagnosis. Thereby improving the patient outcomes and giving a long term solution to the patient to improve overall health and wellbeing. To enable through the general courses, individuals, who have a deep interest in the wellbeing of their families, learn about simple methods to make their daily meals nourishing and wholesome. To create healthier families by empowering the key member in the family with the knowledge of nutritious foods, consumed in the right combination and by using healthy cooking methods, and simple kitchen herbs.

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Vedique Nutrition Professional Program

An online certification program developed by the team of qualified and experienced Ayurveda doctors & Nutritionists of Dr. Shikha's Nutrihealth for healthcare professionals & certified fitness trainers who would like to learn and apply the learning of ancient science and explore the connection between food and body type.

Vedique Nutrition Course for Beginners

15 days online course designed to help you understand the concept of Prakriti and its impact on the body. Understand different types of diets and incompatible food combinations. This course will help you manage PCOS , hypothyroid, etc naturally with herbs.

Personal Nutrition Program

A 10 days online program with 30 days of experience-based learning to help you understand your body and it's a connection with food. It will empower you to plan diets and understand nutrition for yourself and your family.

Vedique Detoxification Course

10 days online course designed to help you understand the concept and science behind Natural detoxification. The course will help you identify your body type and practice detoxification as per your body type.

How the Integrated approach works better

It treats the whole patient rather than just a disease condition like high blood sugar.

It works by improving body function rather than just suppressing a condition.

Nutrition and Herbs are high performing solution when given in combination.

Knowing the patient prakriti(phenotype) gives a personalized and customized solution with better outcomes.

As the World is moving towards diseases like cancers and chronic diseases, an integrated approach can only give long term solutions

Since Ayurveda is growing globally, such a course will help nutritionists to upskill themselves .

Knowledge Videos

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