Cinnamon Water

Are You Taking Cinnamon Water? Know its Benefits!

Since centuries, the experts in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine use cinnamon (Dalchini) to cure main ailments like cancer, flu, and indigestion. So the question arises why one should add it to their diet permanently?

Cinnamon has an essential oil eugenol and is full of amazing antioxidants. It comes from the bark of the tree, and the powder form of this herb has other wonderful results for the treatment of respiratory illness, gynaecological issue and digestive problems. The fragrant spice contains fibre, manganese, calcium, and iron and is commonly used in many food dishes, which makes it an ideal herb to include in your diet

Cinnamon Water benefits:

Helps with Mensural Cramps: It has everything to cure the mood swings and pain while suffering from mensuration. It has the major anticoagulant and analgesic properties which help to cure the problem.

Does Not Let Acne Come to You: Cinnamon has the antibacterial properties which when taken regularly in the form of detox water, keeps your skin clear, free from acne. Not only cinnamon water but its powder form on the application on the acne help you in reducing them.

Controls Blood Sugar Levels: Cinnamon helps to reduce the glycemic load of many foods, and therefore a person who has a family history of diabetes should definitely start including the detox in your diet.

Helps Fight Obesity: Cinnamon helps in reducing fat, by decreasing the appetite.

Boosts Brain Function: The benefits of cinnamon water is that helps to focus and improves our brain function. It is scientifically proven that it does wonders for older patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Cinnamon according to Ayurveda is an excellent Kapha calming herb and stabilizing Vata. It is a warming herb and should be taken in a relatively small amount by the people with Pitta Prakriti. Cinnamon is usually combined with other warming spices like black pepper, ginger that help in increasing the bioavailability of other herbs.

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  1. Namita

    Useful information

  2. Amitabh bajpai

    How to take it??
    How much??

    • Dr Shikha's NutriHealth

      Hi! Soak 2-inch cinnamon overnight in 1 glass water and boil it to half in the morning. Drink this early morning empty stomach.

      • Kusum

        Hello Shikha!! I have Thyroid and PCOD and also Overweight. May you advise me with a drink that can help me with this condition.

    • Sindhu

      How to use

  3. ruchi singla

    Can we take it in pregnancy?

    • Dr Shikha's NutriHealth

      Taking a pinch or two in a day won’t cause any issues in pregnancy, but do not take heavy amounts.

  4. Chickoo

    Hi Dr. On my first 2 days of my cycle, I have tremendous cramps n stomach pain. Can I boil the cinnamon stick n drink the water during the day. Please advise. Thank you.

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