Ayurvedic Herbs That Help To Prevent Your Hair From Greying

Hair Greying is a sign of a natural aging process. our skin has millions of hair follicles which contain a pigment called melanin. With age, hair loses this pigment which leads to greying of hairs.

Premature graying of hair is defined as graying of hair before the age of 20 years.


Hair Greying can be as a result of:-

Heredity- Premature greying is related to genetics and so you might have grey hair at an early age if your father or grandfather had premature grey hair.

Diet- An imbalanced diet can speed up the greying of hair. Processed foods, cold drinks, excess intake of salt and sugar, etc can generate hormonal and physiological disbalances important enough to weaken the hair.

Vitamin deficiency- At times lack of vitamins like vitamin B, D, E, biotin can also lead to premature greying of hair.

Weather conditions- Pollutants in the air generate free radicals and oxidative stress. This can in turn cause damage to the melanin cells, leading to greying.

Hairstyles and hair treatments like straightening, smoothening, blow-drying or using coloring products like hair dyes containing hydrogen peroxide and bleaching agents can leave the hair white when used for prolonged periods.


  • Incorporate a lot of antioxidant-rich foods in your diet, eat a healthy and balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

  • Wash your hair with lukewarm (not hot) water.

  • Practice meditation and yoga to keep your mind free from stress and anxiety.


  • BHRINGRAJ – Dry some fresh Bhringraj leaves. Boil some dried leaves of this herb in coconut oil and rest it for 24hours. Once ready, filter the oil and bottle in a dark-colored bottle. Bhringraj powder can be added to hair packs to retain color, reduce hair loss, and promote hair growth.
  • AMLA – Drink 30ml of fresh amla juice or eat the fruit daily or 1tsp of amla powder every night with water.
  • SESAME – The seeds can be consumed after dry roasting them on a pan. White sesame seeds have higher iron content and are more beneficial for grey hairs.
  • BRAHMI – The most active component in Brahmi is the triterpenoids which influence collagen synthesis hence provide nourishment to malnourished hair follicles and prevent greying.
  • HENNA – The best treatment for grey hair because of its coloring and conditioning properties. Soak henna in an iron pot overnight and make a deep conditioning hair mask, apply it the next day and leave for 3-4hours.
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