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Detoxification: How to detox your body naturally and what are its benefits

Dr Alejandro Junger, New York Times Bestselling Author & Founder – CLEAN, sits down with Dr. Shikha Sharma to discuss how to detox your body naturally & its various benefits.

In this video, Dr. Alejandro Junger explains how Gut, rightly called the second brain, is at the center of your physical and mental wellbeing. He also speaks about how to detox your body and gut using the Organic India Clean Program. A few of the benefits of detoxifying your body naturally is that it will help you improve your digestive health, and thus leading to improved skin and hair health, weight loss, and mood.

He further goes on to explain how the Organic India Clean program works and how he came about creating the program when he was troubled with allergies, infection, depression, and severe IBS. Dr. Junger shares how his practice with the Clean program has come across hundreds of thousands of people who report they benefited in weight loss, good sleep, healthy skin, stronger hair, infertility issues, and lifestyle-disorders like type 2 Diabetes.

To know more, visit: https://www.drshikhasharma.com/clean/ (Organic India Clean Program)

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Nutrition & Mental Health #COVID Times
Know the benefits of having a healthy gut: Beyond healthy digestion & weight loss

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