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Vedique Nutrition Professional Course Review by Ms. Tripti

Hello, my name is Tripti, I have completed a 1-month course from Under Dr. Shikha Sharma’s Vedique wellness Academy, a one-month Vedique Nutrition Course based on Ayurveda Nutrition.

One of my friend told me about this course and she gave me a number of academy coordinator “Neetu maam” I just talked to her and the way she told me each and everything about the course and cleared all my doubts, I just convinced her and joined the course in one week. then my classes started and Dr. Nivedita maam teaches so well that each and every concept gets clear about how Ayurveda helps by modifying a diet. I also started following some of the tips and also I am having a pcod but now after following tips which we have learned in the class helps me in recovering so much,  80% Of pcod I have recovered only because of diet and added some of the vedique tips with it. Lastly, I will suggest to everyone that if they have an interest in nutrition Or want to always be healthy then they must do this course this will really help them In gaining lots of knowledge and Can also apply in day-to-day life for others And for themselves also.



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