Drink Jasmine Herbal Tea for Weight Loss 

Jasmine tea is popularly known for its floral aroma which makes a delightful and pleasing drink. Green tea leaves are generally scented with jasmine, for this, the blossoms are dried which is infused with the dried tea leaves. Jasmine tea also has a weight loss benefit just like green tea.

In the history of the Tea, China is an important name where jasmine tea emerged as a popular drink during the Song Dynasty around 13th century A.D for the royal usage. The reason behind the popularity of Jasmine tea is the round the corner benefits for avoiding heart-related issues, the immune system of the body, diseases like diabetes, cancer, and in the elimination of the harmful effects of bacteria and easing the chronic inflammation.

Some reason for choosing Jasmine tea as a weight loss drink includes

Low-calorie content

Jasmine tea is low in calories in a natural way. The green tea is made from the leaves of Camella Sinensis plant which produces black tea as well. Per serving (1 cup) of green tea gives only 2 calories, resulting in a good substitute for the high-calorie options like colas. Taking Jasmine tea as a substitution will result in weight loss with the regular usage.

Caffeine content

Just like green tea, jasmine tea also contains caffeine showing weight loss benefits. During the regular diet practics its visible with the fact that regular consumption of the tea based on antioxidant and caffeine over a significant period and low-calorie consumption shows significant weight loss and improved oxidation of fat.

Boosts Metabolism

Jasmine tea having green tea initiate an increase in the lean muscle amount in the case when resistance training is added to the routine as well. With regular consumption the overall percentage of the fat mass also reduces. In addition to this positive improvements are visible in the waist circumference and body fat. The inclusion of the resistance training along with the tea is also beneficial.

How much to be consumed

Although the general consumption is considered to be safe but excessive usage may lead to more of caffeine intake. On an average 2-3 cups can be taken which will provide 50-150 gm polyphenols, this amount might vary as per the brand chose and the steeping consistency.

As it is said that a coin always has two sides, so the side effects should be considered in equally. Too much consumption may show visible symptoms like dizziness, irritability, nausea, or vomiting. If on medication it might interact with them, so always have a note of favour from the doctor as well.

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