As we know that Diwali is one of the favourite festivals of people. We go on eating unhealthy foods during the festive season and end its result in gaining the calories. Along with this, the pollutants or impure air which we inhale directly affects our lungs and turns our healthy pink lungs into the unhealthy black with the deposition of tar in it. Detoxification is one of the best processes to keep the lungs healthy and keep to discard the toxins from the body.

There are lots of processes to detoxify which are as follows:

  • Green tea:  By drinking a cup of herbal green tea before going to the bed will help to release the toxins from the body. It not only purifies the lungs and helps to discard the toxins but also helps to boost the immunity of the body.
  • Lemon juice: It is one of the best purifiers we can say. Just add lemon in a full glass of water and drink in the breakfast. It helps to detoxify the liver.
  • Carrot juice: Carrot juice is one of the well-known detoxifiers. If we have 300 ml of carrot juice, it not only purifies our liver but also helps to detoxify our full body.
  • Potassium-rich drink:  Potassium-rich drinks are very beneficial for our lungs. Foods like orange, chikoo, banana, sweet potato, tomatoes, spinach, apricots, figs, dates, berries are rich in potassium and help to detoxify the liver.
  • Ginger: Ginger is one of the most important antioxidant as well as detoxifier which helps to detoxify and discard the waste from the body and helps to boost the immunity also.
  • Pineapple and Cranberry: It helps to detoxify the liver and keeps the respiratory system clean and healthy so it should be included to discard the toxins from the body.
  • Pudina: Pudina is also an important ingredient which helps to purify the lungs and discard the toxins from the body and keeps the lungs healthy.

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