Facts & Myths About PCOS Diet

Among all the health issues faced by women besides obesity & thyroid, PCOS is now becoming one of the major reproductive health problems experienced by females globally. It is a serious condition when females tend to start producing increased amounts of male androgens, this ultimately affects their ovaries & maturation of eggs resulting in the development of small fluid-filled sacs of immature eggs & irregular periods. This ultimately leads women mostly towards gaining weight & conditions of infertility.

There are many myths that are commonly prevalent for PCOS and PCOS diet. Here are some common myths & facts discussed:-

  •  Diet for losing weight will let you free from PCOS – Unfortunately, it is not true. Weight loss is important as in many studies it is proven that obesity & overweight has a positive correlation with PCOS. Diet for weight loss can support declining the condition of PCOS by managing weight but an absolute cure cannot be claimed.
  • Lean women cannot have PCOS – It is not at all true. Due to the inability to utilize insulin by the body and the development of insulin resistance, the body tends to gain weight unbalancing hormones & other conditions leading to PCOS. In order to treat PCOS, one must consume a healthy and well-balanced plant-based diet.
  • Carbs are not for PCOS dieters –This is a complete myth. PCOS diet is usually kept low on carbs but severe restrictions are not at all practiced. Consumption of simple carbs is done in order to address the insulin resistance & inflammation in the body. Complex carbs like quinoa, oats, etc. are included in the required amount according to the condition of the patient. Gluten-free carbs are recommended for PCOS dieters. All heavily processed carbs are on elimination mode to treat PCOS.
  • All dairy is bad – It is true that dairy & dairy products increase the inflammatory condition in PCOS women. The worst dairy here is cow’s milk & cheese because they increase inflammation. Little consumption of fermented yogurt can be permitted according to the patient’s condition.
  • Fun food like cakes & all can never be eaten – It is a myth that foods like cakes, pastries, candies, pizza, etc. can never be consumed. Their severe deprivation can mentally harm you. But mindful eating and cooking these fun foods occasionally can satisfy your craving for them without harming your body.
  • Eating a perfect PCOS diet will have all symptoms – Well this is not true that only diet influences the condition of PCOS and the severity of its symptoms. The environmental toxins present in food also play a role. The body may or may not process all the intended ingredients eaten in meals. Start your PCOS Diet! 
  • I have to be on a specific diet – Actually there is no universal diet for PCOS. It is the condition of patients and their body’s response which actually frames the diet scheduled and thus it must be personalized as per requirement.
  • Fat makes me fats – It is the wrong fat & simple sugars which actually make you gain fat. Always go for the intake of healthy fats for treating PCOS.
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