“focused on Holistic wellness…” – Anu Lamba

Name : Annu Lamba

Age : 38 years

City : Louisville

Country : United States of America

Nutritionist’s Name : Dt. Swati Mishra

Doctor’s Name : Dr. Jaishree Bhattacharjee

Blood Group : O+

Medical Problem : Extreme Gastritis

Program Duration : 3 Months (Nov 06-Feb 07) + 3 Months extension initiated

We started on this program in early Nov 2016. I was experiencing extreme gastritis issues along with abdominal pains. At that point, we had undergone many tests like Endoscopy, biopsy, etc. And found nothing. So, we planned to take dietary guidance of food which adapts to my stomach in extreme gastritis situations.

Dt. Swati has done fantastic job by understanding my issues and providing dietary guidance as per my needs. She used to regularly follow up, take my inputs, guide and coach on our opinions on certain foods.

Later in the second week, Dr. Jaishree was also engaged as Ayurveda doctor and has started having discussions with on my medical condition. She has been absolutely fantastic because of her patience to listen our problems, giving us solutions in terms of herbs as well as by her affirmative positive thinking guidance.

She has not only recommended me herbs but has always focused on holistic wellness that encompassed her guidance about mind, body and soul that includes herbs, developing positive confidence about medical health, guiding exercises and meditation.



Success Story: Sheela Verma

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