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Foods That are Not Sweet but Increase Your Blood Sugar Levels

Eating sugary foods will increase the blood sugar level of a diabetic person which is absolutely not good. High level of sugar level can increase the long-term health issues. Most of the diabetic patients can have sugary foods, but it totally depends on the portion size of their food and how they adjust their medicine, especially if they are insulin dependent. Some nutrients provide nutrition to the body but they also contain simple carbohydrates which can spike the blood sugar levels.

Here are some hidden sugar foods which tend to increase the blood sugar level:

White Rice

If a person is suffering from Diabetes then he/she should not consume white rice as it contains simple carbs which tend to increase the sugar levels. Some studies show that people who consume rice more than five serving in a week are at risk of Diabetes more often. White rice has low fiber as compared to brown rice as brown rice can help to stabilize sugar level.

White Bread

White Bread is the staple food of everyone’s life but it could add more risk to Diabetes. The problem behind is that it is made from refined flour and is quick to digest and can cause a rise in blood sugar. People who consume more of refined flour or the simple carbohydrates are at the risk of Heart disease and Diabetes.

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Red Meat

Eating lots of red meats such as Mutton, liver, Kidney and other red meat which is high in Cholesterol can contribute to the development of Diabetes. People who consume more of processed red meats such as Bacon, Sausages, Pepperoni once or twice a day are doubled at the risk of diabetes. You can easily lower the risk of Diabetes by substituting the red meat with healthier proteins such as Chicken, Fish, Egg or Dairy Products.

Packaged Foods

Snack foods and commercially packed baked products should be in the foods to avoid list if you are diabetic. These packed foods are high in trans fat and trans fat raise the bad cholesterol and lowers the good cholesterol and cause inflammation which leads to diabetes.

Whole Milk

Apart from Butter, Ghee, and Red Meat, Whole Milk also contains lots of saturated fats. As whole milk is full cream milk which contains lots of fats which can cause further disease and can lead to diabetes.

Candies, Ice Cream, and Sweets are the foods that can quickly raise the blood sugar. Frequent consumption of sugary foods can raise the blood sugar level and lead to insulin resistance which is a risk factor for  Diabetes. Taking care of the sugar level is the best way to stabilize your mood. It can be maintained by eating healthy and less sugary foods.

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