Fruits for PCOS

Fruits you must consider during PCOS weight loss diet

PCOS is very common these days it is a polycystic ovarian syndrome that affects the hormone levels and causes cysts formation in ovaries, 1 in 12 women are suffering from PCOS but in lots of cases it remains undiagnosed as the symptoms are often confusing mild and unrelated in some cases.

Symptoms may include –irregular menstrual cycle /more bleeding than usual, hair growth on unusual areas such as the face, belly, chin, chest, etc., acne, weight gain, baldness /hair loss from a single area

How Diet may help???

Treatment of PCOS includes major lifestyle change as it is one of the major causes behind it so maintaining a healthy weight with a healthy diet and workout will help to improve the symptoms and insulin sensitivity which is a major problem in PCOS. Listen to Dr. Shikha Sharma and her team, to understand what to eat and what not to eat during PCOS/PCOD. 

One of the major parts of our diets should be fruits to cure PCOS and to lose weight as fruits are high in fiber, natural sugar, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants other benefits are also there as they help with sugar cravings and some fruits are quite filling as well as once we start consuming more fruits we will crave less of other unhealthy refine foods.

Here are some fruits that you can include in your diet if you are suffering from PCOS and want to lose weight as well

  1. Apple –Apple is a very nutritious fruit which is low calorie and high fiber it quite filling and good for weight loss and its easily available and accessible to everyone, it has a neutral taste so it can be combined in various recipes such as smoothies, salads, detox waters, adding into porridges, dried fruit candies, etc. Hence it’s good for weight loss but is also quite good for PCOS as many people experience insulin sensitivity during PCOS so apple is a low GI food so without worry and impact on sugar (1-2 apples can be consumed).
  1. Oranges –Oranges are very versatile as well as nutritious they are anti-inflammatory rich in vitamin c, fiber, calcium, etc. nutritious benefits, can make great detox drinks with orange, flavored waters, no sugar popsicles, salads, smoothies, etc. to lose weight and fight PCOS it is good for insulin sensitivity as well.
  1. Berries (Strawberries +Blueberries +Raspberries) –These berries are multi-functional as they are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins. You can include these berries as smoothies, infused waters made from berries or fruit salad, or add in your cereals or yogurts.

Strawberries contain vitamin c, magnesium, and folate whereas blueberries contain vitamin C, K, fiber, manganese, and they are loaded with antioxidants very but low in calorie, also raspberries contain a good amount of Vitamin C Fiber and they have low GI so can be easily consumed.

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