Functional Medicine: From treating the symptoms to treating the root-cause

Functional Medicine is more about maximizing health span and minimizing costs. The objective is to create healthy humans who wouldn’t need drugs. It is about the scientific understanding of how the body works.

While Functional Medicine is only 30 years old, it is based on ancient methods. It is gaining acceptance all across the globe and is practiced by innovative health centres of the world like Cleveland Clinic in the United States.

James Maskell feels that functional Medicine is the future as its goal is to make people independent of the healthcare systems as we can see that the healthcare systems are choking with the rise of pandemics.

Functional Medicine works on three approaches – Lifestyle approach, Root cause approach and integrated system approach.

Doctors are moving away from western Medicine’s approach to symptom suppression. They realize that the drug-first approach to chronic lifestyle disease is failing at many levels like costs and outcomes, and they are now looking to connect with patients.

James Maskell draws an analogy to explain the importance of functional Medicine and how it will help patients to re-attain their optimal health. Doctors could use the participatory method while implementing functional Medicine.

Functional Medicine looks at the lifestyle like what are you eating, sleeping pattern, exercise routine, and what is the community around you.

He mentions that some chronic diseases are due to disconnection – disconnection from self, from nature, and from others. In short, Functional Medicine takes a practical, holistic approach to wellbeing.

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