Genetics vs Lifestyle & Food Habits: Who controls your fate?

Almost everybody thinks that we inherit the diseases that our parents or our grandparents have, and live as if we have been sentenced for life. This is a false notion.

There are no genes that specifically cause diseases like cancer directly. Genes that are present can be turned on or off depending on the environment that you live in and mainly dictated by the food that you eat.

Nature didn’t create any programming which is specifically diseases. It is designed only to adapt and survive the changes it comes across. What we perceive as diseases are just these survival mechanisms going far too long.


Dr Junger explains the case of inflammation. What is often thought of as a negative body response, inflammation is the body preparing itself to fight bacteria and viruses. When the environment that creates the body to cause inflammation continues or occurs frequently, what was originally aimed to protect the body from bacteria and viruses starts corroding our systems and thus causes diseases.

Watch this episode to learn more about how our lifestyle and food, not our genes are at the core of the diseases.

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  1. Amrutha

    Diseases don’t spread by genes. But there certain disorders that can caused heridity like diabetes hypertension etc…. know

    • Dr Shikha's NutriHealth

      Like mentioned in the video, disorders like diabetes, hypertension can be avoided if taken proper care of what you eat and drink. It is not necessary that one has a genetic predisposition towards the illness, one can totally control it.

  2. Neelam Sharma

    Good evening Madam, I am fan since long,earlier I use to read your articles in the magazines, especially, BRUNCH, your videos are very informative as I am also heart patient so thanks a lot n stay blessed always.

  3. Amrutha

    A very informative video

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