Grandma Adding Extra Ghee To Your Food? Know The Benefits Of Ghee

Ghee is a derivative product of butter also known as Clarified butter with a history included in the culinary and medicine world of southeastern parts of Asia. It is obtained after the toasted milk solids are skimmed away from fat that produces ghee having richness and nuttiness of butter with high smoke point and nutritional values.

In India, from last 5000 years, ghee is made traditionally from the sacred cow’s milk and is used for cooking as well in all auspicious ceremonies. Punjabi cuisine prefers it more than oil for cooking. Even Ayurvedic medicine also support the consumption. As a result of all the benefits using of it is food is like a family tradition passing on from one generation to the other.

For Cooking and Taste

  1. Does not spoil easily.
  2. Safe for people suffering from dairy or casein intolerance.

From the nutrition point of view

  1. Rich in Vitamins like Vitamin A and vitamin E
  2. Has anti-oxidant and antiviral properties.

For energy and Weight management

  1. Rich source of energy provider just like any other oil.
  2. The energy giving composition supports weight loss as well.

For working with our different system

  1. Keeps the immune system healthy.
  2. Possess anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. Even Ayurvedic physicians use ghee enemas to decrease the inflammation.
  3. Gives strength to the digestive system.

For soulful feeling

  1. As per the Ayurveda, ghee is considered a Satvic Food. Such foods promote the positive attitude, inner growth and development of consciousness.
  2. Ghee from the cow’s milk is considered very important and auspicious just like the cow.

No need to further take a thought on Ghee which was certainly considered as a big no-no food source but the benefits have changed the concept.

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Comments (3)

  1. Samia

    Why the nutritionists suggest olive oil not ghee?

    • Dr Shikha's NutriHealth

      Hi! Nutritionists generally do not prefer ghee as it is a saturated fat. Too much of saturated fat can clog the arteries and cause cardiovascular disease.

      • Swati

        If it is saturated fat then how does it help in reducing weight? As u wrote “ The energy giving composition supports weight loss as well“

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