Healthy Snacks To Munch On In Between Meals

Healthy Snacks To Munch On In Between Meals

You might wonder if it’s possible to prevent weight gain while not giving up snacks. Our snacking habits adds too many calories and few nutrients into our diets. When healthy snacks are taken, it keeps your energy levels up and fulfills your nutritional needs. Also, if we choose healthy, non-refined foods loaded with protein and other nutrients, snacks can be consumed guilt-free. Some can even help keep you full throughout the day and limit your cravings for unhealthy foods. When snacking done in the right manner, it keeps your energy levels up and fulfills your nutritional needs.

Here are some healthy snacks you can rely on:

  1. Roasted Chickpea (Chana): It is high in fiber, protein and contains no fats. You can easily carry roasted chana anywhere with you. Have a handful of roasted chana at any time to fulfill your craving.
  2. Nuts: Mixed roasted nuts are loaded with proteins, vitamins, and minerals. People who want to reduce the intake of salt should check the label and make sure there is no added salt in the nuts. You should go for raw or dry roasted nuts to make a healthy and nutritious snack.
  3. Hummus: If you are planning for high fiber and protein-rich snacks go for hummus with carrot and cucumber sticks. Hummus is made up of chickpeas, oil, and garlic, which reduce inflammation and may improve heart health. Add some vegetables in 2 teaspoons of hummus dip. It gives you a filling snack.
  4. Chia pudding: Chia seeds are loaded with a high amount of protein, polyphenols, and fiber which can be included in all types of diets, including vegan and keto diets.
  5. Greek yogurt and mixed berries: Plain Greek yogurt and berries make a delicious, nutrient-dense snack. Berries are one of the best sources of antioxidants around. Eat a mixture of differently colored berries to get an array of these powerful compounds.
  6. Air-popped corn: It is a whole grain healthy options full of vitamins, minerals, and a rich source of fiber. A study has shown that consumption of popcorn can reduce inflammation and decrease the risk of heart disease.
  7. Cottage cheese with flax seeds: Cottage cheese, flax seeds, and cinnamon have amazing health benefits. Together, they’re very healthy. Cottage cheese is high in protein and very filling, and full-fat varieties boast conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a fatty acid linked to health benefits. Flax seeds are a rich source of healthy fats, fiber, and antioxidants.
  8. Hard-boiled eggs: Egg is one of the healthiest and highly weight-loss-friendly snacks you can eat. Eggs are highly filling and may reduce the number of calories you eat for many hours by providing good satiety. 
  9. Avocado: Avocados are among the most nutritious and satisfying foods on the planet. Studies show that they can help lower LDL (bad) cholesterol, improve symptoms of arthritis, and protect your skin from sun damage.
  10. Dried Fruits: A handful of dried fruits is a healthy snack and portable also. Eating fruits helps in weight loss as they are packed with antioxidants, polyphenols (improves blood flow, healthy digestion), vitamins and minerals.

Snacking can be done by keeping your Prakriti (Constitution) in mind. A  person with Pitta dominant dosha should avoid snacking on Pitta (Fire element) inducing items like sour or citrus items, spicy foods or anything that would induce heat or acid in the body. Vata dominant people should keep a check on items that are hard on digestion like beans and dried fruits. Raw salads and stringent foods can also increase Vata (Air element) dosha in the body. Ayurveda suggests no snacking for Kapha Dominant people and emphasizes 3-4 hours of fasting between meals to improve overall digestion, especially if you have sluggish digestion.

To know your Prakriti download the Vedique Diet App on Android and iOS.

When your craving hits, aim for whole foods instead of highly processed and packed options. Having some healthy and nutritious options can boost your metabolism and enhance weight loss.

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