Herbs Women Should Include After 40

Herbs Women Should Include After 40

At 40 plus age, the focus of women shifts to become her best self rather than stewing over what other people think about them. It is a wonderful time where the focus on self-care and improvement automatically comes with a lot of maturity. Every woman at this age wish to feel younger, look younger and repents the years of neglect as she has the wisdom to understand that it is achievable to a great extent with good health. Here we are revealing the herbs which are boon for any woman at or above 40 to fight diseases, heal the body and feel vital and energetic.

The Ayurveda describes some unique herbs for women’s health. These medicinal plants or herbal formulations go a long way to improve the health of women.


Saraca indica or Ashoka literally means “remover of sorrow”. It is revered as a uterine tonic in Ayurveda medicine and it helps support a healthy female reproductive system. Ashoka helps promote health and healing, especially in women after 40 during perimenopause. It is useful for supporting a regular monthly cycle and assuring minimum distressing symptoms during menopause. Ashoka helps to promote healthy ovarian and endometrial tissue. It also soothes the nerves and promotes uterine comfort.


Commonly known as the gooseberry, this fruit is very popular tonic herb used for medicinal purpose. It is a common ingredient of many traditional Indian medicines, where almost all parts of the plant including the fruit, leaves, seeds, bark, root and flowers. According to the Ayurveda, the amlaki fruit contains five of the six rasas and is primarily sour, astringent in taste, with secondary tastes of sweet, bitter and pungent rasas. Amla helps balance all three doshas and improves digestion. It is greatly helpful to treat constipation, reduce fever and cough, gastritis, hyperacidity, flatulent colic, hepatitis, colitis, skin diseases, osteoporosis, premature greying, alopecia, and palpitations, thus making it a superstar fruit.


This medicinal herb has the ability to balance the female hormone levels and has a calming and rejuvenating effect on the mind and body. It is useful in treating infertility, pre-menstrual symptoms (PMS), irregular menstrual cycle, lactation and menopause. It works great during menopause as it improves oestrogen levels, and help the woman get rid of symptoms like insomnia, hot flushes, mood swings and night sweats.


Moringa is a superfood which helps boost immunity & natural energy levels by alleviating many vital vitamins, iron, calcium and mineral defficiencies. It is known as a miracle tree as it promotes overall well-being. It balances Vata and Kapha dosha and thus helps maintain a good weight. It is a renowned antioxidant and superfood which is used to support a healthy inflammatory response. It improves digestion and appetite and helps promote joint and heart health.

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In the last decades, women’s health has been receiving increasing attention because of their rapidly evolving role in society. Women are juggling many responsibilities as homemakers and careerists. It is not an easy being a woman today but life these days is definitely more exciting and challenging. It is the best time to nourish yourself emotionally, mentally and physically to enrich themselves. Today’s woman all the more needs to pay attention to her nutrition, lifestyle, exercise and emotional well-being to stay at the top.

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