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How to add sesame seeds in your diet for weight loss

Sesame Seeds the nutty textured condiment that is usually found in all Indian kitchens. These seeds have been consumed since ages pertaining to their enormous healthy and curative properties. These seeds are also added in salads, mithais and some other dishes to provide a crunch and nutty flavors.

As far as nutritional benefits are concerned sesame seeds are loaded with macro-nutrients such as protein and fiber and micronutrients such as multiple vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, and iron. Sesame seeds also have proven effective in weight loss.

The nutritional content of sesame seeds not only effective in weight loss but also help in maintaining healthy hair, skin and additionally promotes detoxification of the body. Other benefits include maintenance of hormonal balance, healthy heart, and also reduces belly fat for which many individuals have been hustling.

The most exceptional compounds that are found in it are sesamol and sesamin which have been shown properties to prevent hypertension, reduction in cholesterol, and facilitates weight loss.

Now we will tell you which properties of sesame seeds make it the ultimate condiment that facilitates a reduction in hard to break belly fat.

  • The fiber content
    These seeds have a potentially high content of fiber. As we all know fiber plays a vital part in losing weight. It keeps us full for longer and therefore discontinues the chain of binge eating. 100 grams of this super condiment contains around 8 grams of fiber which is quite high.
    Another important health benefit of fiber is that it keeps blood sugar and cholesterol steady by making them enter into the bloodstream at a steady pace. This aids avoidance of abrupt crashes that makes us feel extremely hungry. Another important aspect of having fiber-rich food is that it helps to reduce weight but, without losing the lean body mass.
  • Rich source of lignans
    Lignans facilitate fat burning by initiating the body to produce more and more fat-burning enzymes of the liver. Lignans are also said to be helpful in preventing the absorption and formation of cholesterol and reducing fat metabolism.
  • Low sodium content
    Sesame seeds are quite low in sodium which in turn facilitates maintenance of water retention and body fluids in the body that formulates for water weight.
  • High protein content in sesame seeds
    The first and foremost change that we make while we intend to lose weight is to increase the intake of proteins. This commonly available condiment is an excellent source of protein, which intensifies your metabolism and inhibits emotional hunger.

Is it a miracle seed for weight loss?

These commonly available seeds are loaded with essential amino acids – polyphenols and tryptophan. The special compounds found in sesame seeds (mentioned above), helps people to achieve their weight loss as they provide satiety to the body which minimizes chances of binging. They also help burn and metabolize stubborn fat in the body.

Ways to include sesame seeds in the diet
Sesame seeds can be included over stir-fried veggies, baked veggies, salads, sandwiches, and smoothies very easily.

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