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How to protect yourself from Coronavirus after Lockdown

Around four months back we heard about this virus COVID-19 that causes pneumonia type symptoms and now it has become a worldwide pandemic. The whole world is suffering from this virus and most of the countries declared lockdown to fight this coronavirus pandemic as the treatment is still unknown. The Indian Government is now lifting up the restrictions during the lockdown and most of the offices are reopening and people are going back to their work. Life will not be normal immediately and we all have to be more cautious and take care of our health as the risk of spreading the infection would be there.

Until the government provides detailed guidelines, here are a few tips we should follow:

  1. Maintain Distance at work: Stepping back to the offices does not mean that there is no need for social distancing anymore. We all should ensure that there is a six feet gap between all the seats at the workplace. Avoid the use of crowded elevators and prefer stairs without touching the railing for the support that minimizes the chances of infection.
  2. Follow regular hygiene practices: A good habit that is inculcated after this pandemic is frequent washing of the hands for 20 seconds. Make sure we should follow the same after going back to social and professional life. What we touch is very important so be mindful and sanitize or wash the hands after touching any object. It is also recommended to maintain respiratory hygiene in public or in offices, always cover the mouth with a tissue or use a folded arm for sneezing and coughing.
  3. Carry your own protection kit: Prepare a kit for yourself that includes masks, hand sanitizer, soap, gloves, and tissue papers. The use of masks reduces the chance of getting an infection as it prevents the water droplets from entering into the mouth and nose. Use the sanitizer whenever you are not able to wash the hands. Carry tissue papers for coughing and sneezing. Use this kit while using public transport or during traveling and even in the office.
  4. Go digital: Instead of dealing with the cash, use digital payment methods, and even in the offices. Use digital signatures that decrease the risk of coming in contact with papers that other people may have handled. 
  5. Avoid gatherings and parties: You might not know who is infected and who is not as a large number of asymptomatic cases of COVID -19 are coming up. So it is better to avoid parties or even the gathering in the cafeteria during lunch and at tea time. While in a conference or in a meeting, do not forget to maintain distance. Meeting with the clients should be still conducted via video calls.
  6. Avoid International trips or vacation: Moving of people from one country to another is the reason that led to the spread of coronavirus. Even after the lockdown rules relaxed, do not plan for any family vacation or international official trip for a long time. This could keep you and your family’s health at risk.
  7. Eat a healthy diet: “The best form of protection is prevention”, So enhance your immune system with nutritious foods to stay healthy. It is very important to have diversity in our meals. Eating whole grains keeps you healthy and energetic while the colorful fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins that boost immunity. Fish, Nuts, and seeds are rich in omega 3; Eggs, chicken, and meat are rich in iron and Vitamin B complex. The milk and its products are good sources of calcium and Vitamin B. Limiting the intake of processed and fried foods are also highly recommended.
  8. Consume some herbs for better immunity: Include natural herbs like amla, tulsi, ashwagandha, giloy, Himalayan berry, chyawanprash, turmeric, cinnamon and black pepper every day for good immunity.

Along with these tips do not forget to do some physical activity and practice yoga that keeps your lungs healthy and makes your body stronger to fight any disease.

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