I lost weight and balanced my thyroid levels. How did I do it?

Thyroid disorders affect 1 in 10 people, and in the modern day, 60% of those affected are women. I saw myself as one of them. I’m now sharing my experience with you after transitioning to a healthier weight and lifestyle.

It seems strange to desire natural treatment while overweight and having an imbalanced thyroid level. It was my goal to lose some weight and normalize my thyroid levels through exercise and diet. The Vedique Diet Program by Dr. Shikha Sharma caught my attention during my research. In the process, I was able to lose weight and manage my thyroid health at the same time. Dr. Pratibha helped me throughout my journey.

The Vedique Diet team conducted a few blood tests as part of the Weight Loss and Thyroid management programme, spoke with me about the body’s Prakriti (Vata – movement, Pitta – digestion, and Kapha – strength and growth), and then personalized my diet. In addition, I was given access to the Vedique Diet App, which informs me of my daily dietary needs.

In particular, they helped me learn about the thyroid, an organ found in the neck of humans that has a butterfly-shaped shape. This gland is particularly significant since it controls metabolism. All bodily functions are controlled by TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone), which is secreted by thyroid glands. When TSH levels are out of balance, it develops as an autoimmune condition. You develop hyperthyroidism if your body creates more TSH than is necessary, and you develop hypothyroidism if your body produces less TSH.

To balance the thyroid, one can take a thyroid hormone supplement orally. However, since these medications are lifelong, you cannot quit taking them whenever you feel like it. Make some adjustments to your way of life and diet before using any thyroid hormone supplements. You can adjust the levels of your thyroid hormones naturally just as I did. To get long-lasting results, I was advised to take baby steps as compared to big leaps. I’d love to share a few quick tips from my Vedique diet regimen with you in the hopes that they may also be helpful to you.

You can manage your thyroid levels using these Vedique Diet remedies, which have helped me.

Restricting Goitrogenic Foods (cruciferous vegetables, Soy)

For better management of Hypothyroidism, I was advised to avoid few cruciferous vegetables like kale, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and cauliflower which are harmful to the thyroid gland’s ability to operate at their best when consumed raw. These vegetables contain goitrogens in their raw form, which disturb the thyroid gland’s balance.

Prescribed Herbs 

For thyroid dysfunction, Dr. Pratibha from the Vedique Diet team prescribed taking natural herbs like Ashwagandha, Detox water, Concoctions, etc. For me, it functioned incredibly nicely. These herbs are rich in Iodine and many other essential nutrients that balance TSH levels and helped maintain a healthy weight.

Iodine – Make Sure You Get Enough

Iodine deficiency can result in thyroid issues. The body needs iodine to secrete thyroid hormone. Eat a lot of seafood and use iodized salt, and you’ll be fine. The Vedique Diet dietician advised using an iodine-rich ayurvedic herb to normalize my TSH level, and the results were promising.

Vitamins and minerals like selenium and zinc can also help. You can easily find them in the Vedique Diet meal plan.

Eat Right Fats 

Do not be hesitant to cook using healthy fats like butter, coconut oil, or olive oil. Use sunflower oil carefully. Try using coconut oil in cooking to balance the thyroid naturally.

Eliminate sodas and drink water instead

You can benefit from cutting down on sugary drinks like soda and juice. Every day, drink a tonne of water to help your body flush out the toxins that accumulate there. Try natural fruit juices if you wish to drink juices; making them at home is simple.

Counseling for physical activity 

Lack of physical activity is the root of many diseases, and hypothyroidism is no exception. So, try to move your body the whole day and exercise regularly. Dr. Ramandeep kept track of my daily movement routine and helped me understand its significance.

There were, however, a few low moments when I felt like almost giving up or when I was not giving my 100% to the goal. Both Dr. Pratibha and Dr. Ramandeep motivated and supported me continuously through counseling.

The Vedique Diet programme by Dr. Shikha Sharma helped me lose weight from 8.4 kgs and balanced my TSH levels. I feel great, proud, and strong now with the help of an incredible team of doctors.

Lastly, I urge you to not miss out on the opportunity that may change your life forever. In the safe hands of Dr. Shikha Sharma, you can lose weight, be healthy, and need not worry.

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