Diet changes that helped me shed excess fat: Mr. Vikalp kaushik’s story

My eating habits changed due to the change in my work schedule. At strange hours of the night, I would frequently feast on junk food. After going on like this for a while, I began to feel more tired out than usual and also noticed that I started snoring loudly at night. It prompted me to see a doctor, and following my examination, I was diagnosed as obese. The unwanted weight gain was due to my sedentary lifestyle and improper eating habits. 

I wanted to lose weight through dietary & lifestyle changes and not through rigorous exercise – as that was not just possible for me at the time. After taking advice from friends and peers, and doing some online research, I came across the Vedique Diet Program by Dr. Shikha Sharma. It was a perfect fit for me – as Dr. Shikha’s team was highly experienced, and their philosophy of personalising nutrition based on one’s body composition and lifestyle made sense to me. I joined immediately.

What I loved about the entire experience was how easy my nutritionist, Dr. Preeti, made it for me. She followed an approach of making small, incremental changes to my diet so that my transition to a healthier palette was easier. She thoroughly explained the science behind everything that she recommended which made me realise the importance of making those changes. Now, I feel educated enough to make healthy lifestyle choices – and maintain my weight without fail.

Thanks to the Vedique Diet team, I got rid of all the unwanted fat all around my body, especially my tummy. I lost about 20 kilos in 6 months & my energy levels were back – and it was so easy!


What worked for me!

I think after closely experimenting for about a month, we found out that these following things helped my case the most:

  • Consuming ragi, oats, chana atta, and moong dal atta instead of wheat or maida, as these are rich in essential minerals, vitamins, and fibre while having a low glycemic index.
  • Eating a full large bowl of salad at least once every day without fail. My favourite ingredients are cucumber, tomatoes, sprouts, lettuce, carrot, and green papaya.
  • Consuming vegetable juice, such as spinach, cucumber, kale, or amla, instead of fruit juice.
  • Consuming fruits that are High in fibre – Kiwi, Orange, Peaches, Berries, Papaya, etc.
  • Taking Himalayan berry and Triphala in the morning
  • Consuming roasted peanuts for snacks in between meals
  • Consuming healthier alternatives like dates and jaggery for my sugar cravings at night
  • Having a fixed schedule of eating and sleeping so that my body clock worked effectively


It did take me some time, but I could implement these changes. Once I did, there was no going back. I am so much healthier. All thanks to Dr. Preeti and The Vedique Diet Programme.


The Vedique Diet Programme

By using natural foods and herbs, the Vedique Diet Programme treats the underlying causes of weight gain and promotes holistic recovery. A special emphasis is placed on the health of various organs (liver, stomach, kidney) as well as the concept of Body Prakriti. This diet provides you with long-lasting results which you can maintain because of its holistic approach.


Healthier living and better health can be achieved thanks to the Vedique Diet. Over 46000 patients have gained benefits from the program. 


To be a part of the Vedique Diet programme:

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