Allergic to milk


Hello ..

i am allergic milk what can I substitute it with as I was used to drinking 2 cups milk daily.

And do we get acnes because of milk ?

And is soya milk/ almond milk which we get in the market good for daily.


Thank you.

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Dear Anita! In case you have an intolerance to milk, I am assuming that you are referring to lactose Intolerance which is common and not to any specific allergy.

To consider the substitution of milk, it could be for any of the two reasons, the first is for getting the same nutrition from other foods which you can get if you eat ragi flour (it is rich in calcium) and have Soya or sprouts (a good source for protein). The second reason for searching for milk substitutes is for taste and usage in tea/coffee etc in which case you can use almond milk, soya milk etc.

Acne can be attributed to milk in cases where there is the use of hormones in milk (like oxytocin) which is also possible. However, acne can be due to many other reasons also like, hormonal imbalance in the body.

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