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Before deciding on which kind of food to consume and what diet to follow, one must know about his/her body type and body Prakriti. How to determine body type and body Prakriti?

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Dear Rinku, you are right about your observation that before following any diet plan, one must know their Prakriti (Body Constitution).

It is interesting to note that before buying any skin cream, we search for the cream which matches our skin type, (oily, dry or combination). Similarly while purchasing clothes and cosmetics we asses whether it will suit our physical and style type or skin type, but when making food choices, we ignore and forget about our inherent body type.
There are 3 basic types of Body constitutions called – Vata (Air type), Pitta ( Fire type) and Kapha (Water and Earth Type). These different body types respond differently to the various foods and weathers and that is why an old proverb is so true that “one man’s food, can be another man’s poison“.

You can asses your body type on the Vedique Diet App available on Android and iOS 

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