I want to stop my thyroid medication with support from ayurveda & diet & lifestyle changes.

Please help.

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Hello! Making diet and lifestyle changes are a very positive step towards any long term treatment and I am pleased that you wish to make the changes for health. As you know thyroid is a hormonal imbalance and to balance any hormone one also needs to ensure a good sleep, adequate sunshine┬áin the morning (the Pituitary – Hypothalamic Axis is responsive to sunshine ) and exercise ( Suryanamaskar and brisk walking are good).

Besides the above, you can begin with the following over the counter herbs

We need your age and Thyroid profile before we prescribe any specific herb or Ayurveda preparation. Till then you can take some kitchen herbs like:

  • Methidana water ( soak 1 tsp Methidana in a 1 glass of water )
  • Take 1 tsp Coconut oil every day
  • Chitrakadi Vati 1 tab after lunch and dinner with water
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