Can we remove excess androgens through diet?


I’m suffering from severe hairfall and acne during periods. Also light abdomen pain during periods. So after doctor asked me to undergo some hormonal test, it was revealed that I have excess androgens due to which I have hair on chin and abdomen and increasing weight severely.

Is it possible to reduce this through diet alone? I do not want to take any medicines. Also I’m deficient in vitamin D

Also how to heal gut naturally. Is gut health related to hormonal imbalance? I’m a vegetarian

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Hi, excess androgens are also connected to PCOS. So one of the simple ways to manage this condition through nutrition is to reduce the consumption of dairy products or choose certified organic milk only. Replace simple carbohydrates (like maida, sugar, cornflour etc.) with complex carbohydrates (like dalia, quinoa, unpolished rice). Also, have higher levels of plant-based proteins.

To Heal the Gut reduce tea/coffee and have a probiotic drink daily. Having half a teaspoon of Triphala daily for 8 weeks will also help to make the body alkaline.

If you are deficient in Vitamin D, then you need to take Vit D supplements. Also, increase your exercise levels and get some morning sunshine.

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