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Hi my child is overweight and is 9 years old. She eats home cooked food however sometimes feels bloated and puckish. What could be the reason

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Overweight is the leading cause of certain diseases such as diabetes ,thyroid and other health problems. Overweight is due to certain problems like indigestion, poor eating habits, overeating and lack of nutritious diet. A healthy diet helps to maintain healthy weight.

For weight management include:

  1. 2-3 servings of  fruits and vegetables in diet on a regular basis.
  2. Cut down on refined carbs like biscuits, breads and buns,  replace it with whole grains.
  3. Reduce sugar and starch in diet as it curb appetite, lower our insulin levels and make one lose weight.
  4. Eat the recommended amount of protein which is required for healthy muscle mass.
  5. Include healthy fats: mustard oil, olive oil in the  diet.

For Reducing bloating and nausea:   Add 1 tsp fennel seeds in a cup of water overnight and boil in the morning until reduced to ½ cup and drink empty stomach daily.

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