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Is there any specific diet plan for pcod and weight loss.And generally women with pcod feel stressed and high tempered. What to do with these issues?


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Hi! Yes, there are specific diet plans for PCOS/PCOD. Firstly we must understand what is PCOS? According to western medicine, it is an inherited condition where the body can not process unhealthy, high carbohydrate foods easily and it goes into a hormonal imbalance. This is accompanied by signs and symptoms like weight gain mostly around the middle, hair growth which is excessive, effects on skin and fertility, etc.

According to Ayurveda, there is a Vata imbalance.

Hence the treatment consists of nutrition correction along with exercise and Pranayama to balance the anxiety.

Herbs which are prescribed consist of cooling and calming herbs which rejuvenate the body. Herbs like Triphala help to balance the gut bacteria and detoxify the body to remove the ama (toxins)

Other herbs that can be taken are:

  • Capsule Shatavari – 1 capsule twice in a day with water after a meal
  • Capsule Brahmi – 1 capsule twice in a day with water after a meal
  • Capsule Triphala – 2 at night with warm water /Triphala Powder – 1 tbsp – with warm water at night

To get your personal Meal plan download the FREE Vedique Diet App for Android and iOS. Fill the details and get your personal Diet plan free of cost for PCOS

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