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Hey doctor, i would love to consult you over a phone call or something more communicative than mails or texts as i am Facing severe hair thinning and my facial skin is deteriorating day by day which looks extremely dull.

i have not even turned 25 yet and mirror makes me feel as i am in 30’s

Please tell me if i could make an appointment with you !!

Phone No.
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To answer this question we will first have to address the cause that is leading to your hair thinning or dull skin. Causes can include your lifestyle, poor diet i.e not getting enough iron, folic acid, and other minerals in your diet , sleep pattern, genes, stress, shifting hormones , deficiency of vitamin D3 and B12, Pitta dosha’s imbalance etc. unless we don’t get into the root cause the results you get will not be prominent. While the process of hair thinning or dull skin can look very concerning at first but if one rules out the causes rightly it’s likely to be treatable. You can surely reach out to our team for a telephonic consultation to have an in-depth knowledge   about your issues. 

Please share your contact details at , we shall arrange a call from our counsellor.

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