Ghee in high cholesterol


Is ghee ok to consume if i have high cholesterol?

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Technically, if you have high cholesterol then ghee is not advised.
However, the more important aspect is that you must get the reason for high cholesterol diagnosed and treated. There can be many reasons for high cholesterol including hereditary reasons, but the most common issue is liver function.
By treating the liver, many people can re-balance the cholesterol. The liver can be healed naturally by the following activities:

  • reduce (2 drinks in a week) or remove alcohol from your diet
  • Take aloe vera juice daily
  • Consume 1 teaspoon of Triphala every night with warm water
  • Remove heavy proteins from the diet for 6 months for giving liver rest
  • Consume hygienically, homemade vegetable juice daily for 3 months (beetroot, apple, raw pumpkin, few mint leaves and a little ginger)

Once a week do a liquid fast with coconut water and fruits the whole day. On this day you can have rice and moong dal khichri with 2 teaspoons of organic ghee. Use turmeric in the khichri (turmeric has curcumin which reduces the inflammation in the liver and is good for reducing cholesterol).

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