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I had watched in your this☝️ YouTube video….dos for glowing skin… In how much time  does it results

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You can follow the given health tips for glowing skin ,as far as results are concerned it depends on many other factors like sleep, physical activity and diet .

  1. Simple but most important secret of having glowing skin is to drink at least 10-12glasses of water . It helps in hydration and flushing of toxins out of your body.
  2. Detoxify your liver – Incorporate sprouted methi seeds, coconut water, amla – aloe vera- wheatgrass juice, vegetable juice – made with tomatoes, ginger, mint leaves, beetroot in your daily routine.
  3. Avoid excessive use of oily, spicy, fried food and junk foods.
  4. Natural Scrubs : Triphala Powder , oatmeal scrub.
  5. Have meals on time – don’t skip meals and have light dinner with minimal salt at night.
  6. Have adequate amounts of proteins – Include chicken, fish, nuts- almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds, peanuts.
  7. Have regular 7-8 hours of sleep.
  8. Practice 1hr of exercise and yoga as they increase your blood circulation and help in toning your body and makes your skin healthy.
  9. Completely avoid anything made up of refined flour like bread , biscuits or anything which contains preservatives like Ketchup , packet soups etc.


By practicing these you can start seeing some changes in your skin at least after a month.


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