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hi , dr. , my age is 20 i am an student and i am facing problem of premature greying of hair,

in last 1 year i didnt care about my hair neither i applied oil on hair, soon the started falling down (hairfall) and from january this year i saw some grey hair on crown area of my head but soon the  numbers of grey hairs get increased now approx whole of my head is covered with grey hairs, currently i am using Brahmi Bhringaraj Taila (  of sri sri tatva). it helped me in reducing hair fall but i am not sure about greying of hair i have seem a remedy on this purpose am attaching link of it here-

kindly tell me how should i fight from premature greying k, kindly tell me what suhld i apply on my hairs to get rid of this problem

, i will always be thankful of you..


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Early greying of hair could be because of deficiency of Vitamin B 12 , it can also be influenced by stress. Prolonged periods of stress and anxiety , over a period of time, result in greying of hair . Malnutrition,  tension and other similar conditions may also slow down the production of melanin resulting in grey hair. Severe illness too can stop or affect the production of melanin of the hair. According to ayurveda Pitta (Fire) aggravation leads to grey hair . 
You can apply a hair mask once a week –   Soak Tea leaves(1/2 cup)  , Amla powder(1/2 cup)   and  1 tsp Eucalyptus Oil in an Iron pot overnight in water .In the morning add yogurt (2 tablespoon)  and 1 egg . Your hair mask is ready to apply . Leave it on your hair for 30-45 min and wash your hair with lukewarm water . 
In diet include  4 almonds , 1 Walnut and 1 fig (soaked ) daily, add Amla fruit in vegetable juice or chutney, take 2-3 servings of fresh fruits and vegetable daily.Do a light massage on the scalp with “Mahabhringraj oil” (baidyanath) twice in  a week.Avoid Pitta aggravating food like too much of spices , sour food and oily or fried food. 
For Vitamin B12- include seafood, eggs, and meats are good sources of vitamin B-12.


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