Hair fall


Hi , facing severe hair fall. Do you have hair fall diet/ treatment.

Let me know.Thanks!

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Hair fall can be due to many reasons,It can be due to deficiencies of several vitamins and minerals like anaemia, or it can be the result of some hormonal changes like diabetes Hypothyroidism, PCOS, heredity, medical condition like psoriasis and also can  be due to normal ageing procedure.

For treating Hair Fall condition we need to rule out each and every possible cause and treat it accordingly.But yes Healthy and nutritious diet is always helpful and can be beneficial in each and every cause.

In your diet incorporate more protein rich foods like egg, kala chana, beans, Kidney beans etc. ,adding seeds and nuts can be of great help. Fruits and vegetables are a good source of vitamins and minerals and very good antioxidants. Diet is slow acting but if you follow it religiously you will find a great result. 

You need to detoxify your liver and need to nurture your system internally and externally both.For this you can use Himalayan berry , Moringa and Triphala .

Herbs for internal use like Amla, aloe vera can be used and for external use you can apply coconut oil,almond oil,bhringraj oil or some hair packs to nourish your hair.


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