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  • so much hair fall
  • 5-10 white hairs 
  • how to grow my hairs again
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Hairfall & early greying of hair are major issues in the younger generation these days. There are many reasons that add to the causes for these issues. The best possible treatment is always prevention of the root cause. Some common causes for these issues are-

  1. Hereditary factor- Inherited genes cause shrinking of hair follicle at early age & can lead to these issues. Early treatment & care can help in preventing this concern
  2. Age- Ageing is a natural process & these issues are also natural with ageing. Having a nutrition-dense diet doesn’t let ageing give its harmful effects to the body .
  3. Stress is the root cause of every ailment
  4. Sedentary lifestyle- Indulging in junk or processed food, not having physical activity slows down the metabolism & can cause deficiency of nutrients in the body. Managing routine can help a lot.
  5. Hormonal disbalance- Many reasons for this issue, but disturbed hormones again affect our metabolism & cause hair concerns especially in teenages & adults

Apart from these many other causes like post pregnancy, cancer treatment, excessive hairstyling, bad haircare can cause the above mentioned issues.


Management includes prevention of the root cause, balancing lifestyle, healthy eating pattern, pranayam, meditation & good hair care. Some home remedies may be helpful in managing these concerns-

  1. Kalonji oil is very effective in managing hair issues especially preventing early greying of hair
  2. Applying oils like almond oil, coconut oil, rosemary mix with olive oil, bhringraj oil can also be very helpful
  3. Natural Shampoos which are sulphate & paraben free should be used to prevent hair fall
  4. Mix amla, harad & baheda powder in equal proportion & mix with water or curd. Apply on the roots of hair for 20 min & rinse with normal water . Do this once a week & it helps in regeneration of new hair
  5. Fenugreek seed paste applied on the scalp is also very effective in managing premature greying & hairfall both.

These are very effective remedies if done on a regular basis. If you still are not getting desired results, you can connect with us & our very own team of experienced doctors & nutritionists will help customizing a diet based on your unique body type or prakriti to cure these issues.

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